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  1. In a H2H Pts, non-keeper would you deal: Trout, Jack Flaherty and Paul DeDong for Harper and Vlad Jr.? I am very weak at 3B with no real starter and just roll hot hands like Eduardo Escobar. At SS, I also have Semien but am confident I can always ride the hot hand at SS. I have some SP depth with Sale, Berrios, Wheeler and a few others like Mikolas, Fried. Thanks.
  2. Lewis does not look like he is every going to start for you. At this point in this season I'd be fine dealing Cooper for Funchess (which is what this breaks down to more or less). If it was any sort of keeper league, I would not.
  3. League Info: 12 team, PPR, 2 player (in perpetuity, no cost) keeper. Potential deadline day deal... My team is 6-4, in a playoff spot and incredibly likely to remain as such. My goal is to continue to push for a championship as I think I have an actual shot to do so. Right now my keepers are: Antonio Brown and Zeke Elliot. I was offered Mike Evans and Carlos Hyde for Zeke Elliot and Sterling Shepard. Would you do this trade? I view Evans as a slight downgrade as a keeper but he would certainly help this year. Also though its tough to gauge value with only
  4. Yes, it is a keep 2 with no keeper price league, indefinitely if you choose.... This is basically trading Beckham as the keeper and then giving the team Hyde who they want to use to get more draft picks in trades etc.
  5. I'd probably drop Parker because Moore has a connection with Stills and we haven't seen the potential of Shephard in the OBJ-less offense. Ideally I would keep both though and not put as much stock in a defense.
  6. Yah, there are some teams with good records but no team looks abnormally strong. If I made this trade I would be starting: Derek Carr Zeke Tevin Coleman AB Thielen Engram Shephard With a bench of: Mack, Dion Lewis, Rivers, McFadden, Marty Bryant and then fillers. I think it could be a team that makes a run in the league.
  7. Would you trade Odell Beckham and Carlos Hyde for Antonio Brown? 12 team PPR, 2 player keeper. Start 2RB/2WR/1Flex Right now I am 4-3 in 5th place with a chance to make the playoffs and push for a championship. (Though alot depends on Zeke and his suspension). I previously lost Beckham for the year but can trade Carlos Hyde and Odell for Antonio Brown... My WRs suck with Thielen/Shephard/Martavis Bryant... My RBs are Zeke (McFadden)/Hyde/Coleman/Dion Lewis/Mack, so I have the depth kinda to move Hyde. Since it is a 2 player keeper, I would be keeping Odell/Zek
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