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  1. Currently starting the Washington Defense vs Carolina , but I can switch to Philadelphia vs Dallas. Part of my concern is that I an starting Mike Davis and don’t want the points to offset. Is the smarter play to stick with Washington despite them playing my RB, or switch to a less dependable Philadelphia team?
  2. Wilson! No garauntees on Pollard https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/834985-start-herbert-or-mayfield-whir/
  3. ESPN is saying Gaskins could be in for a timeshare after missing two weeks. That, and the fact that the match-up with the Jets is so inviting, make me think it’s best to start Higgins.
  4. Robinson has been money all season. Yeah, the match-up isn’t spectacular, but I would start him since Gibson and Gaskins are both iffy and Wilson had a tall order against Arizona.
  5. Kittke, Kupp, and Higgins. You drafted the first two as studs, I’d assume, so this is exactly why you picked them up: to win you a championship. Higgins has established himself as the future WR1 in Cincinnati once AJ Green is gone. Even if he’s dealing with a backup QB, I think you start him against a very mediocre Houston D.
  6. Allen is the clear choice, assuming he is healthy and plays. If he doesn’t, you start Tee Higgins. They’re easily your best guys and that is who you want playing in this situation. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/834985-start-herbert-or-mayfield-whir/
  7. I have Justin Herbert starting against Denver, right now. However, Baker Mayfield is available and plays the lack-luster Jets. While the latter is tempting, I worry about how much passing Mayfield will do if they get a big lead early. Which guy do I start? (NOTE: 1 PPR League; championship game). WHIR - leave a link
  8. 1: Flex Mark Andrews vs Giants OR Rashard Higgins vs Jets? 2: Start Washington D vs Panthers OR Chicago D vs Jaguars? WHIR - Leave Link
  9. You can’t go wrong with any of those options. That said, I would start Jacobs and Davis.
  10. Start Herbert. The Las Vegas defense is a joke and he’s due for a good gane.
  11. 1 PPR league! Who do I flex? Mark Andrews vs Jacksonville or CEH vs New Orleans WHIR - LEAVE LINK!
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