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  1. I watched all his routes on NFL Pass for the last Sunday game and there were many times he was opened but Brady was being harassed.
  2. I haven’t seen a thread on Reggie Bonnafon for 2020. He was moved up from the practice squad today. I added as a speculative play before week 4 waivers. What do you all think?
  3. Good points. Be grateful he wasn’t part of the week 2 injuries. Leagues with IR like mines gave us bench room. You might have gotten players like JRob. My team is looking strong if he comes back for Byes and the stretch. Heck, maybe even Gase is gone by then. Hang in there boys!
  4. As a manager, you have to make moves or you let your team die. I traded Thomas away because I know you will be forced to put him in your lineup not at 100%. It becomes a trap, but you just deal with it. I do hope you Thomas owners get him back he’s dropping 20 point games moving forward.
  5. I have NFL Pass so I go back to watch our boy JRob’s film. What I saw is that Jags have been scoring a lot through the air. As a result, JRob’s first TD was a 15+ TD run. We will see more goaline TDs soon. And the kid will convert most of them, that’s his forte—making TDs. Have you seen the guy’s thighs, looking like Saquan!
  6. Friends, do not even think about trading our boy JRob. Put him in your flex and don’t even touch. Seeing him in my lineup just adds a touch to being an awesome drafter. Keep the train going!
  7. Who here drafted this guy and played him today, raise your hand!
  8. I can see him getting a TD. All you need is a PI in the endzone and the ball lines up at the 1 yard. He will fall into the endzone, that’s his forte—making TDs. Good luck, I can’t wait to roll him out there soon.
  9. Who gives a damn how untalented he looks. Give the kid a chance. He is the goalline back on his team. And if you think Jags won’t be able to score much, you haven’t been watching football. Props to all who DRAFTED JaRob! You smart Mfers.
  10. Y’all know he said get the popcorn ready right?
  11. I wrote about him earlier in this thread. This kid has a nose for the endzone. He scored 158 TDs in highschool. I know it’s highschool but that’s 40 TDs a year. I’m lock and loaded. Week 1 will tell all. Choo choo!
  12. First year owning Bell. I passed up Connor and Ingram for Bell in a PPR. As long as he holds up 16 games, you will see 60 catches, over 1000 all purpose yards. And 3 TDs last year with 300 carries is just unlucky. TDs will be up. A consistent RB2 all year is money in PPR. And have you seen Bell lately, he acts and looks different. He’s been training hard. The only thorn is Coach Gase. But Bell is last of the true bellcows.
  13. Been reading up and watching a lot of his videos leading up to the draft. He was super bummed he didn’t get selected but eventually got the call from Jags runningback coach to join. Kid is hungry! He runs tough and has a nose for the endzone. That’s his forte, loves getting touchdowns. With Armstead sidelined for a few weeks, JaRob can be that 1&2 down bruiser. I snatched him up literally last pick during my draft and I recommend y’all do too. Not saying he’s Kamara, but more like rookie Alfred Morris that year in Washington. Remember, if Jags were OK letting Lenny go—they must
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