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  1. CMC, action Jackson, Godwin, Waller, Jacobs. My dogs Christmas stocking thanks you 🙏🏽
  2. You’d hate the list of players who dropped more passes than coop this year. Though, I agree w the first point.
  3. I needed that game from boone. First ship in a decade. Let’s ******* go
  4. This seems like a good matchup, cynics aside.
  5. This isn’t some groundbreaking game plan on offense. Typical RPO strategy. Heavy option usage that could be implemented by any Joe Schmo. Injury is the only thing stopping action Jackson.
  6. Ballage apparently carted off. RIP a lot of people’s seasons
  7. Always startable when both he and Watson are healthy. This is a rough matchup, however.
  8. Crazier things have happened. I think best case scenario would be going bonkers on a handful of touches and pushing the issue. Likewise, that would be a best case scenario of him being an incredibly dicey option w upside going in to the first round of a lot of playoffs. I’m pessimistic, but I do like the talent.
  9. Squeaky wheel. But shocker w another injury. Gonna be a rough dice throw w a deep bench in the first round of the playoffs
  10. Whether it be O-line play/talent/offensive scheme, he looks better than KJ. In other words, whichever team who signs him after he’s cut for no reason got a steal. Lions suck.
  11. The only thing stopping Lamar, is an unfortunate injury. End of discussion. Move on 😂😂 It’s not the most unlikely of outcomes, but he’s such a joy to watch. If you cheer against him, I know exactly who you are in real life, and I hope things get better for you.
  12. His floor is probably a 15/45 type of game. His ceiling won’t be realized this season, as big staffy most likely won’t be coming back. His upside in fantasy is goal line looks. Tons of upside w stafford at the helm, less so w these unknowns. Speaking to Bo as a player, I really hope he sticks. Idk how that would work w kerryon, but I think a bruiser fits better in this offense, in its ideal state. This is a situation I would love to see a tandem of KJ and Bo. Purely as an unfortunate lion lifer.
  13. I don’t think it’s a clear step up or down. IMO it is going to lead to more volume, but that threat of driskel to a minor degree on options is going to hurt efficiency. That’s if I had to take a guess.
  14. Not weird if you think about the sheer lack of talent under center for Pitt, or the lack of an attempt to let one of any of the talented backs to get a good rhythm going out in KC. Snell isn’t CMC, who can carry the team. Andy won’t give one guy a solid chance, this year. I guess he did w Damien and then he got hurt. Your point is taken too bro
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