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  1. Hard to say whether they are vetoable, since I dont know the makeup of the league, public vs friends, categories, keeper vs redraft, how much $ at stake, if you think there might be collusion or not, if Team A and B are the same teams in each of those trades, etc. But I would say they are both very uneven trades. So really hard to say with the limited knowledge whether they should be vetoed. Maybe talk to Team B and see what their motivation or strategy is
  2. I think its good team, but big man stats may be a little weak. I wouldn't drop anyone at the moment, think Ariza should come around, but if you do you should probably be targeting a PF/C for reb/blk/fg%
  3. I would give THJ a little bit longer, but if you're strong at steals/weak at 3s I'd definitely consider grabbing Ingles for him
  4. Thanks guys, Ill respond in your thread if you posted one.
  5. A little help, would you drop any of Dedmon, J Richardson, or T Prince for Ulis? No positional needs in mind, 8 cat (no TO). Post yours and I'll help in return. Thanks
  6. Thanks man, its really just my RB6 spot at the moment, so they could easily up dropped the next week. If they're ever in my lineup their value has greatly increased, or my top RBs have all fallen apart.
  7. Better ROS RB bench stash, .5 PPR, Terrance West or Chris Johnson? Post yours and I WHIR.
  8. Anyone dropping this guy? He's probably not getting to 30+ hrs this year, and seems like hes really only helping in one category (RBI).
  9. Out of the lineup for a second straight day after busting out with 2 hrs on Sunday out of the leadoff spot...
  10. Thinking about dropping this guy. He's been cold (4-31 and 1 hr in May) and sitting more often lately. He still will probably put up 25 hrs, but he really only helps in 2 categories, and the humidor will certainly not be helping him.
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