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  1. The Paul slander is a bit ridiculous right now and I understand as someone who drafted Booker with my second pick in one league why people are looking for explanations. Paul is making himself anything but the alpha, however, as the usage numbers below show. Booker is still far and away the main usage man in Phoenix, and has literally changed only 1/10th of a percent for the worse. Last year starters: Usg Rubio 22.7 Usg Saric 17.6 This year: Usg Paul 24.4 vs 25.2 Usg Ayton 23.7 vs 19.1 Usg Booker 30.3 vs 30.2 Usg Bridges 12.7 vs 16 Usg Kaminsky 20.8 vs 19.3
  2. I wish I knew the answer to your question. He wasn't in terrible foul trouble the game before (four total, same as prior game), but then next game he got extra minutes against the big Lakers frontline. But when he gets 25+ minutes he tends to be good. I wish they'd just recognize and give up on Tristan Thompson, although maybe there's some basketball reason I'm missing.
  3. I hate you all, I went with Lamb and Wright, and look at what Ellington and Powell did vs them tonight. (Just kidding. I agreed with the call on Lamb, and Wright did aight.)
  4. Anderson, if it's not obvious by now.
  5. I always favor getting the best player in a two-for-two deal but in the case of Doncic, he's barely better than Grant and Schroder is borderline droppable. If you have someone you like on the waiver wire, and feel like you need to make a play on assists, go for it. Otherwise, I'd rather have Grant/Shai.
  6. I probably didn't see this in time, but if it's not too late: LaMelo, Harris, Wright, Theis, Vanderbilt, Anthony, without taking into account any team considerations at all.
  7. If anybody, in either league, I'd say the guys whose names start with De-. Especially Jordan, who hasn't exactly gone crazy with the timeshare ending. I hate carrying less than four centers because I have some open spots sometimes, but some of your guys listed at PF have C eligibility and vice versa. Alternately: Bazley, although as I type this he's having a decent game. Obviously not sure which one I'd pick if I only had to pick one, given my prior conundrum. Detroit makes very little sense to me rn.
  8. I had just asked something similar, but me giving help first doesn't seem to be working out for me. So... WHIR
  9. Stick with Lamb. What do Morris or Kennard offer you he isn't? (I realize you probably posted this before the big game ended.) Yeah, maybe Lamb's ceiling is capped by Levert/Warren comebacks but Morris and Kennard don't have any upside at all, IMO.
  10. H2H 10 teams, 9-cat. Most disposable players right now are Rose/Oubre. Punting rebounds and blocks. Need to improve in the following order of priority: points/threes/FG%/steals/assists/TOs. Have plenty of FT% to spare no matter what. I'm up for picking up two of them, maybe...
  11. Lauri, for me. Hield is going in the wrong direction each of the last two years. Maybe that's about the Kings' lackluster player development, and they seem to be featuring him for an IRL trade. But Lauri looks like the guy who's got the safer role indefinitely. Who knows where Buddy ends up.
  12. This is why I asked! I'd seen something about how if someone is PROJECTED to miss time it counts, too. He was projected out through at least Wednesday. As it happens, your question, helped me refine my Googling. The official Yahoo answer on that, from what I can tell, is: "Projected to miss 7+ days due to injury." So he's a bit short of that. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN28136.html
  13. What am I missing? Why doesn't this guy have an injury tag on Yahoo? Based on what I know about their standards he seems to fit.
  14. Sorry if that wasn't clear... Plumlee and Dort are who I picked up for Whiteside/Bagley. (Plumlee also can bring DDs). I'm in a 12-person league too.
  15. I dropped him and Whiteside. Bagley looked like a quality NBA player to me in year 1 but for whatever reason he hasn't delivered. Plumlee/Dort haven't played great for me in one game but they have at least an avenue for success. Holding on to Holmes, who's getting the minutes.
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