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  1. Meniscus repair can be months Menisectomy (partial removal of meniscus) equals quicker recovery
  2. Don't need one. However it's fun to have a friend in a league with you. It also helps when you are in a $500 league and have tons of other responsibilities and you have someone there to simply set a lineup if you forget.
  3. Apparently you can't have a co manager in yahoo pro leagues. Ridiculous
  4. I wanted to add a co-manager in my yahoo pro league. However, this doesn't look it's an option in pro leagues. In my public league with friends I would be able to invite a co-manager. Any suggestions or help?
  5. Before this 5 game skid, he was putting up close to top 50 numbers. Definitely hold.
  6. Can anyone shed some light on the past 4 games going downhill? His attempts are way down.
  7. The bucks have only had one competitive game thus far. Even giannis etc aren't getting as much playing time as expected. Don't want to miss out when he has 5 3s and 5 blocks in a game. It's hard to predict.
  8. $25 isn't going to get you very far especially when you still need to spend at least $1 on 10 players.
  9. Looking for Yahoo Roto Money league. Preferably $100-$250
  10. Being as he was 7th last year per BBM, I think a drop to 15th seems logical but Idk how some of you barely think he belongs in the top 36. Will his usage drop that much??!!
  11. He went for $25 in my last auction. I went $24...
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