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  1. Did you just type: before dumping? My goodness, I cant...
  2. Any qb facing the giants is a must start. Idc if it's newton or falk
  3. Dude he has probably faced more stacked boxes than anyone other rb since he's been in the league. I disregard anyone that labels him as a bum based off tonight's performance. There really was nothing for him to do when at least two defenders had already made contact behind LOS on almost every play. Super predictable play calling+ awful O-Line blocking+ stout Titans defense I'm much higher on Fournette after watching the game tonight. -Game script didnt change although the run was clearly ineffective - He was pass blocking was noticeably impressive
  4. Offensive line is completely trash, playcalling is predictable, and he is expecting to get hit right as he touches the ball.
  5. Jets could be really scary with Kaepernick at QB in a RPO system with Bell. Hell run some pistol offense with Monty bell and Kap
  6. I'm getting big time flashbacks to Odell's rookie season. There might be a discrepancy in talent, but I argue there are some who would agree with me. (12th overall vs 3rd round) Obviously OBJ was putting up more explosive numbers right off the bat, but the fact that Scary Terry gives me a similar feeling to owning OBJ his rookie season is awesome. -Discount: OBJ was injured, Terry not hyped as 3rd round pick -Usage: Very high for both players off the bat relative to most rookies. Both show big play ability and are WR1's of their respective team. -Opportunity to shine(
  7. ****frow can't stay on his feet to save his life
  8. Jacobs was a fade for me in DFS because most all of his production came late in game controlling clock. I'm expecting minimal production from him in second half- expect a lot of Richard. Waller time to step up baby
  9. They had control of game entire time. Jacob's is an Alabama back. Get the memo dude
  10. Game script changed. Look at the score. Richard catching back
  11. At least it's gonna be solid garbage time points for waller
  12. Dude mahomes is gonna have another 50 TD season. What in the world
  13. Really needed that throw to kamara to be on target F U bridgewater
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