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  1. Its not a horrible trade but I don't see where you absolutely win. Assuming you're not high Aaron Jones, its really more of a preference on your side. Thanks for mine
  2. As a frustrated Mixon owner myself I would do this trade all day. please help
  3. Chubb and Ridley if he takes it...I wouldn't do the first option, Help please
  4. I own Chris Carson who tends to get injured and hasn't looked great so far this year. I like the insurance of having Penny. The owner said he would move him for either Mike Williams or Christian Kirk. My other WR's are Davante Adams, John Brown, John Ross and Marvin Jones. Let me know and leave a link....I will respond ASAP.
  5. Definitely take the deal....PLEASE HELP
  6. I was looking to trade for Rashaad Penny as a Chris Carson owner...With his injury 'proness' and the fact he hasn't looked great so far this year, I thought it would be great insurance. The guy who has him wants Mike Williams or Christian Kirk. I am leaning towards Mike Williams but wanted the genius of this forum to guide me right. My other WR's are Davante Adams, John Brown, Marvin Jones and John Ross. Thanks for the Help....Leave a Link and WHIR
  7. First off thanks for mine....I have Coleman on both of my teams and I don't feel too great about him on this team with the three headed monster they have at RB. Especially with Coleman now hurt. I would possibly trade Penny for Coleman because of the upside but Larry is still relevant so I would most likely sit on him for future FLEX play.
  8. Please Choose on and Leave a Link WHIR....THANKS!
  9. Thanks for the Help....Leave a link and I WHIR.
  10. I had Williams handcuffed but read he hasn't been tearing it up in preseason....anyone else?
  11. First off thanks for mine. Rodgers is well....Rodgers so you're good Howard and Hyde are the questions marks along with Ingram and AP but at least you got both of them. Your WRs aren't deep but you're starters are really solid.
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