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  1. I like Conner better than those other two rbs but if you must make a trade, probably include him and Crowder. Don't think Dobbins gets it done. For Allen I'd go Conner straight up
  2. 10 team full PPR..who do you guys like better rest of the way? Thanks and whir!!!
  3. NE, SF, NO and LAC on the wire right now. Who would you pick up?
  4. I like both this week in what could be a shootout but Jackson should get serious volume so he'd be my pick.
  5. 10 team full PPR Currently have Akers on the bench. Edmonds and Mattison were dropped, who do you guys like better rest of the way? Thanks whir!
  6. I think it's gotta be Jacobs/Brown. Don't see anyone else on that squad that matches up unless you go 1 for 1
  7. 10 team full PPR Got an offer on the table, I'd give up Conner for Allen. My top two WR's are Boyd and Moore so I could use an upgrade but that leaves me with Singletary, Gordon or White to be my #2 rb. Not sure it's worth taking the hit at rb. What do you guys think? Thanks and whir!!
  8. 10 team full PPR Got an offer today, Mike Davis for Tee Higgins. Obviously when McCaffery gets back he reclaim the carries, question is do the Panthers completely shut down Davis? BC he's looked real good in that offense. I'm on the verge of picking up Crowder for Henderson so now just trying to gauge the value for Davis ROS. Make this trade or stay put? Thanks and whir!
  9. Hurst then Moss for Claypool then Sanders. No guarantees with any of these pickups but higher ceiling for Claypool than Sanders I feel. Kinda of a 1a 1b type thing. You'll get production from both.
  10. Not a good list to pick from, but if I had to, and you have to, I would go with McKissic. No good options sounds like so this week will be tough to get anything at that rb2. Might want to start thinking about a trade, you have some wr's to work with.
  11. 10 team full PPR Running Moore and Boyd out as my 1 and 2 wr's. Got a little depth at rb (Singletary) at flex so I think I could deal Henderson. What do you guys think? Thanks and whir!
  12. Buffalo or Arizona. I have the Cards D in my league but LV has alot of injuries and Carr can get turnover hapoy at times.
  13. Not a big fan of giving up Henry. Even in PPR he's top 10 rb. You have the depth to do it but I might offer up Drake or Carson instead.
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