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  1. PPR pick 2 boston scott va dallas gio vs titans connor vs ravens Leave your link
  2. i just dont understand how cardinals didnt shut DJ down vs the giants from the get and just announce they were going tostart edmonds. Costed a lot of ppl the week
  3. Makes sense why they were inquiring about Tyler Efiert via trade. So they might know more than us
  4. Does anyone know why he is out? Will this be long term? I only kept him for a juicy matchup next week vs the cardinals who are giving up alot of points vs TE
  5. [...] My hope is that as the weather gets colder a team with a young QB and good defense will let the young RB ball out. Also it’s never a bad an idea to stash on high upside RBs that can be a league winner in December
  6. absolutley you need to pick up Edmonnds if you have DJ. I am surprised no one picked him up yet. If DJ is out sunday Edmonds will be a RB1
  7. run dont walk to your computer and accept #1
  8. Pick 2 of the following in PPR. WHIR golladay at GB DJ Moore vs TB in london Mclaurin at Miami
  9. He should have had a bigger day then he originally did. Keenum over threw him on a 70 yarder that woudlve been his 2nd TD. Can you imagine the waiver hype if he did?
  10. One league I picked him up as a Free agent. And another league he fell to me with the 8th waiver claim. Wondering the same thing as u
  11. If there’s a week to start him it’s this week. With Powell out, no McGwire and short on receivers the jets will have to throw a lot playing behind. I am hoping atleast.
  12. Diggs at gb or Dede at SF post link. Whir
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