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  1. Crowded front court. What are realistic projections for him?
  2. I think he is more worried about helping his team make it to the playoffs.
  3. Why would they care about our fantasy teams?
  4. Was looking forward to seeing him make his debut with Houston tonight. Any idea why the DNP? NVM - Elbow injury. Should be back Tuesday.
  5. Had to take care of some house items when Damien went down. Did anyone see or hear anything after about his injury?
  6. I would think if there is any chance of him being able to play, he will play. Raiders are in do-or-die mode for playoff contention. This means a lot to Gruden, Mayock, and Carr as the patience for that experiment with fans is starting to wear thin. Just my opinion as a Raider fan.
  7. Gurley's knee ailing, lead in running yards, and the most targets out the backfield yesterday. Anything to see here?
  8. Great question! I had not even considered that.
  9. He also has a connection with Robbins Anderson as well. Very intrigued.
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