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  1. I'm the 8 seed against the 1 seed in a 16 teamer. I've got Justin Tucker, he has Baltimore Def and JK Dobbins and I'm up 2.60 going into things tonight! (He's starting Dobbins because he was originally starting Fournette but Arians needed to change that script too) Halftime: Tucker's XPs holding off Balt and Dobbins... I'm up 1.36 Everything going my way and then terrible Baker pick, almost a TD for the D, phew! Last thing the announcer had said of Dobbins was that he was hurt... Syke! Dobbins TD and things look bleak! I'm down 6ish and the browns would need 35+ points to cause that
  2. Agreed, but only if both kupp and lockett will start. Otherwise the slight dip from Lamar to Russell will be felt more (ty is basically on the same level as the two wr in my mind) http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765214-trade-for-a-wr-upgrade-two-paths-plus-who-goes/
  3. Given the lack of weapons for wentz, and Allen's legs, I go Allen as well
  4. I'd share my link but I'm not sure I'd want an answer. Hold Melvin unless you're in a league with no benches
  5. I'm going Jones, but I think it's a tomato tomato sitch. They're both on the same plane but the penny ghost looms larger than J Williams regardless of lafleurs comments/deceptions If you could
  6. If your league isn't start 4 WR and you like penny, I'd feel comfortable dealing Williams. I think John brown and Ross are good covers for his loss If you could
  7. A couple teams needy at RB have approached me as I am a rarity with depth at the position currently. 16 teamer, brutal. Would you pursue any of these options? I think Cohen and Barber are a lot closer in actual value than perceived value (Barber is trash! Lol) so I'd be cool with either being sent away (if it's worth it) in path B. Path A: Tarik + he picks from (Marquise Goodwin, Golden Tate, Herndon, DeMarcus Robinson, Agholor) FOR Robert Woods Path B: Tarik or Barber FOR Tyrell Williams 16 Team, 1/2 ppr. 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, FLEX (formatting on my phone making this look ugly
  8. WR has been a wasteland of inconsistency this year, yet there are concerns that Gordon may have some ups and downs? He's receiving great reviews right out of the gate, he's doing and saying all the right things, and he's already working with the first team-- with his HC comparing him to AJ Green. I don't see any "well we have this Corey Coleman guy, so Josh will have to understand his role." The team is treating him as if it's a superstar returning as a ray of hope in a lost season. Would I rather start Dez Bryant or Gordon? Does it really matter? If both are going to get targets
  9. I think this script is just not a James White night. He will have better games they are using him at WR and mixing it up-- but the emergence of Burkhead is real. They hyped him this off-season and then he dealt with early injuries. He's got a nice grip on the passing game role especially with Hogan sidelined.
  10. I'll hold out until 4pm games... There is one other owner who needs a kicker this week and there's 3 that are playing late games, so I won't get frozen out entirely no matter what. By then my opponemt entire offense will have played, with his kicker and defense to go. I will have a pretty clear picture by then. Thanks guys.
  11. I don't want to dump Elliott as this is a 16 team league and he has an edge over most week to week. The candidates: Rex Burkhead- starting to increase in workload and a preseason darling before a couple injuries derailed him. Still in a very crowded situation. Rod Smith- unknown situation and potential league winner if he shines in that trio. Marquise Goodwin- week 11 bye but probably the best flex option of this week which is very much a win now. Since my WR are trash I can't afford this, right? Martavis and JG-- nah. A
  12. The best TE's on the wire are Dion Sims and Garrett Celek. Should I deal Corey Coleman for Vernon Davis? It is a 1 week rental with upside if Reed goes out again. I'm a Gordon guy so Coleman gets Jax first week he can play-- aka nothing. Should I pull the trigger on this even with Reed maybe playing this weekend? 16 team league- .5 PPR redraft 6-3 QB Carson Wentz RB (2) Ameer Abdullah, Tarik Cohen, Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead, Rod Smith WR (2) Julio Jones, Marquise Goodwin, Martavis Bryant, Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon TE Ertz RB/WR/TE - Bes
  13. This would boost my WR2 and there are literally no TE on the WW playing this week that are likely to score more than 3 points this week. Puts a lot of pressure on Clay to perform ROS. Also the Ertz/Wentz double dips have been nice. I would deal Ertz Goodwin for Marvin Jones Jr Charles Clay 16 team league- .5 PPR redraft 6-3 QB Carson Wentz RB (2) Ameer Abdullah, Tarik Cohen, Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead WR (2) Julio Jones, Marquise Goodwin, Martavis Bryant, Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon TE Ertz RB/WR/TE
  14. What if I removed Julio/Freeman and it was basically Marvin+Clay for Ertz+Goodwin
  15. I like it. Gronk is a top ten keeper long term and odell stings but this would make you a behemoth this season. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682743-julioertz-for-hunt-trade-stupid-or-nah/
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