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  1. Not to mention that line hasn’t been practicing and Daniel jones will be running for his life against Tampa
  2. if atlanta loses by trying to run the clock, I feel like arthur blank is prime canidate for suicide watch
  3. Just watched a video of Antonio browns highlight tds in the nfl that was 12 min Long and it doesn’t include any replays... 12mins long!!! Getting pumped up
  4. you'd think they'd know that they are losing by 21 points... lets run it for two yards each time
  5. they gotta stop pretending patterson is good. he's definitely no deebo samuel
  6. I can’t wait til they lose this game cause they run ap out there
  7. The kid looks legit, first game I saw. Makes old man Peterson looks like he’s sleeping standing up
  8. Should call him dr. Gloom and doom, he always talks about the worst case scenario.
  9. That’s not necessarily true... with covid they have been keeping players from traveling if they’re not at least going to try to make it on the field... still going to be at minimum game time decision but it would suck if they make him active but only use him as a lesser snap count
  10. I was talking about coaches decision making
  11. Rooting for this... sending banana smoothies and 🙏 your way jonesy
  12. I don’t think gb has ever broken it down to goalline or not... they do usually ever other series with their backs and will sub Williams in for hurry up offense. I think Dillon would be used just to give him a breather in between series, doubt he gets 12 touches unless theyre running out the clock at the end. Pass blocking for Rodgers is important to them
  13. They just have such bad coaching... the last play 40 sec on the clock stamper around in the pocket eyeballing the 5 yard out rt for 6 secs then decide to pull back and try to throw it to the guy you’ve been locked ints I since the beginning that’s only 5 yards down the field even though you need at least 50 more yards and you just spent a 1/4 of your time. Besides the fumble, that not how to play hurry up offense
  14. I can’t believe they put him back on the field... they never threw to him over the middle the entire night. I don’t know what happened to te post routes but they only throw it to golden Tate or sterling shepherd. They finally gave him the big pass and tucking chokes... hope he becomes a better player on the ravens next week
  15. Welp maybe he’ll get better when he gets traded to the ravens
  16. I just don’t understand the gameplan... they have these tiny wide receivers run posts over the middle meanwhile they have on of the most athletic tight ends in the league and they have him run 3 yard outs away from the play... unbelieveable
  17. Push the ball down the field, don’t wait for 3rd down... Mahomes gets for air yards in one drive than the whole game
  18. Is it just me... they keep bringing the middle line backer and there have been no te posts over the middle it would burn them for at minimum 20 yards each time
  19. Yes please hand it to ******** d Lewis with 50 sec left trying to go for it
  20. Yes please hand it to ******** d Lewis with 50 sec left trying to go for it
  21. They threw one ball more than 7 yards down field... I think he might have been turned around
  22. Really showcasing his skill as a decoy, letting a midget catch balls over the middle instead
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