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  1. I just don’t get it... trade him then, literally wasting away
  2. I remember a time when engram used to catch passes down field... it was back in the better times
  3. Giants are battling for the biggest dumpster fire... if anyone should complain about coaching it’s them... I don’t care how much of a cool guy joe judge is, if they are blitzing third down and everyone’s coming and you run no one in the middle your an idiot
  4. Really high octane... Jason Garrett loves his tight ends they say.... look at Jason written they say... the talking heads say a lot meanwhile Funyuns is crushing it. Oh fantasy football you fickle b*tch
  5. After the first series is usually the when the instant regret starts to creep up the back of the neck... something like sack, sack, 4 yard catch to Karden smith
  6. Not trying to stir the pot, but too funny not to post
  7. Probably trying to find a trade partner silently, but announcing all these injuries ain’t the way. No way he gets traded with that contract... jets ain’t buying this year
  8. I just don’t get how it’s hamstring.... annnnnddd ankle issues. Wasn’t he cleared the ankle last week but was just suspendo
  9. https://twitter.com/nick_underhill/status/1319356601179033602?s=20
  10. Pretty sure their playing for the Cleveland bowl... biggest game since the flint Michigan mega bowl... all kidding aside if he gets a limited practice tomorrow he’ll probably have a shot at playing
  11. Agree... I think some of the news casters from nfl network would have been reporting if something bad was going on. So far just ben baby.
  12. I feel like I’m overpaying with crowder and lev bell tbh, depends on the injury
  13. Just entered the chat was going to try to trade into him with crowder and a piece because of all the pessimism. Haven’t seen a game this year, do you think brees still has the chops to make him top 10 when healthy. From the stats they look like they are content with the heavy dose of the run and screen game
  14. Says the guy at the hot crap table betting the don’t pass line all night and explaining his rationale. Personally I don’t care that you’re here and “talking football” but you just sound jaded and keep saying the same thing. So even if he is the next mccoy then fine, but keep the chat for at least updates and new takes on the outlook, it’s been pretty redundant
  15. I got lev bell and Antonio brown on my bench... what a great time to be in 2017
  16. Like it’s cool, he burned you in the past but you own zero shares of him. Why are you still here? I wouldn’t ask a vegan what the best cut of meat is. Nobody cares about your take. Your warning has been headed. Give it a rest
  17. Best chance for him to win a bowl and have success is definitely the ravens but... once again he would absolutely destroy that team from the inside. Lamar isn’t enough of a confident leader to manage a locker room with in it
  18. I don’t watch sf a lot but I will tell you I saw this game... mckinnon did not pass the eye test. He got what was there and that was it... this kid was exciting, and he was making jump cuts at the line to grind out 3-4 positive yards. To me he’s worth the $2 in faab + seems like the coach loves an underdog I remember him sticking with mostert last year who was the 3rd in line as well. Kids gotta prove it, we’ll see what he’s got this weekend
  19. I’m not ready to put any big investments on bell yet, but it seems like you saw what zeke looks like behind a jets-like offensive line on Monday. Holy non-spectacular. Sure doesn’t look as elite as you said he would, is the coaching of McCarthy worse than gase too?
  20. ... but I’m getting ahead of myself. We need to start with at least a td this week 🤞
  21. Baltimore would be really nice too.Nick Boyle blocking tight end, Andrews receiving. Engram can do both, and it wouldn’t be so cut and dry whether they are running or throwing
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