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  1. Well never said he was a good person or good doctor. But just cause your always high on drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean you don’t know typical sports related injuries. I mean you saw any given Sunday. I’m sure he’s the sleazy James woods team doctor... point being all speculation, but the you tubers usually get more video searches and likes for saying the sky is falling
  2. Dr chao was actually the team doctor for the charges for like 10-15 years. So what if he has a pay website for fantasy nerds. He’s actually legit. The problem with any of these dudes is without access to mri, ct, or x-rays they just speculate like the rest of us in fancy terminology
  3. I don’t know, I feel like it all hinges on how they use swift. If they just run Peterson all day... and they lose, I feel like Patricia is going to get pressure from front office. The lions are bad, but they are NOT the jets
  4. If he’s not covered by dr. Chao probably a good sign
  5. I watch dr. Chao... this guys is classically wrong or updates after someone already says something else
  6. This is all assuming they let him play with his old helmet obvi
  7. It was meant in sarcasm, just saying Rodgers is jerk himself, not a crazy pants team wrecker but he is one of the worst sore losers/ worst winners I know... if I could rename him it would be brad
  8. Looking for something inspiring on here as I am forced to start this guy in my league... the Bergen record which is the local paper here has a hot take that they should throw it to engram more. Maybe Garrett reads the paper🤷‍♂️
  9. Packers do have a high set of moral codes and ethics... meanwhile on tv last week tantruming Rodgers tells suh to f--- himself on national tv
  10. Personally I would love to see him punch Adam gase in the mouth
  11. Hard to determine his value on Seattle. Lot of mouths, even if he’s in ideal shape, no way he usurps lockett or metcalf. Best case scenario he goes to ravens, but with he would easily become a cancer and not mesh well with Some of lamars inaccurate throws... I could see him shaking his confidence
  12. Trying to figure out what to do with him this weekend.... probably his best matchup of the year, and coming off the big game. Seems like a trap game to me [...]
  13. Wednesday is usually first day of scheduled practice... no need to panic probably just a day of rest would be much worse if he practiced today and then went no practice.
  14. Yeah but there’s also swelling with ankle sprains that doesn’t set in for the first 4 hours... it’s a good idea to watch practice reports
  15. His ceiling is td dependent. Simply enough without blown coverage he’s not making separation or getting much yac
  16. Every pro that you hear talk about lev bell talks about him as a stud. Everyone sympathizes with his time in ny. I have yet to hear anyone call him washed, it only comes from fantasy forums and upset fanatics. He is 28 down 15 pounds from his playing weight in pittsburgh, and looks cut up. Could he have lost a step sure, but they are already merchandising for him like he’s going to be a stud, there’s no way he doesn’t make some kind of splash. Whether it’s having lots of slot play with ceh still on the field or two back sets this offense is going to eat and do sprints up and down the field
  17. My point exactly and I am in 2 qb league, I don’t think most people are looking at darnold otherwise. But he’s way better than red rifle. it would all depend on whether they wanted to resign Dak next season or not. With all the wide receivers, zeke, and lot of the line there’s no chance they would have the cap space to keep the whole gang together with Dak so it depends on what they Value there
  18. Watching the Dallas game I was thinking, if they decided not to draft Dak they could trade for darnold and still have a shot for the playoffs this year since nfc east is hot garbage
  19. Lost cause a young hoe beat me like a b*tch by .5
  20. I’ll will give him one more week as well since he will be late round keeper, but he wasn’t even running with any burst but in redrafts I wouldn’t mind the drop. he looked like he was slowing down going into contact. His bright spot was the 3rd and one he kept his legs turning. One more week
  21. I think they’re going to try for more balance going forward. I think the raiders game was an eye opener. More runs should open up the big plays. This week they took away the big plays next week it could be different
  22. To be fair, the hold was the lineman tackling the guy who would have made the tackle
  23. Lost this week cause the whole defense is on skates backwards... my grandmother could get her walker and pick up first downs... the only thing that helps the sting is that even the rb coach said CEH IS THE BACK UP
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