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  1. Ceh is that Campbell soup kid... “don’t hog it all”
  2. There’s the helaire td everyone’s been looking for
  3. These holes are massive how can buffalo be this terrible at the line of scrimmage, they’re gettin blown back every play
  4. michael strahan thinks leveon is going to be the man, it must be true
  5. pretty sure buffalo's defense just looks like hot garbage, a jag could make some of the runs as with the blocking there blocking today. their line is getting them on their heels 2-3 yards back
  6. well thrown ball by allen too, only spot where diggs could get it, almost a foot and half over outside the ob lines
  7. personally i love troy's off the cuff passive aggressive comments
  8. Are you sure, was about to hit panic eject button to waivers
  9. Don’t forget team player, he will even play from the couch next year to support his team
  10. I am all about swift since I’m heavily invested in two keeper leagues with him and love the hype but cbs is out of control right now they have him projected for more than mixon in ppr for the rest of season
  11. Christian McCaffrey would beg to differ, he ran for a td with the injury, but then subbed himself out cause he felt it dampening his ability to run. Swelling doesn’t set in for the first 2-4 hours generally
  12. He hasn’t shown one sign of limping or favoring it getting up after a play. That is hard to believe, only way you get any value out of him this year is multiple other injuries or he gets traded to wr needy team
  13. I know Patricia and gase are on the same level of stupid, but it’s tough to imagine that you out the genie back in the bottle after a showing from your high draft pick, but then again the jets happened, so could this
  14. Traded schuster and Higgins for Julio and patriots def before kickoff
  15. Looking at firsker to replace engram ballpark $16 right now, feels expensive for few week replacement but my teams like JG WENTWORTH... “it’s my money I need it now”
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