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  1. Samesies, I picked him instead of Ridley 🙄
  2. Except for the fact that it was written 3 days ago... meaning this week was the “next week”
  3. Did anyone see if he got any red zone targets? Dude was ballin from damn near the 50. It seems
  4. Maybe smith schuster, obviously he’s not doing anything in Pittsburgh anymore, only thing holding him back is division rivals
  5. I don’t think any voodoo dolls are cocaine sorcery can get him off the hook... I’m assuming Gregg Williams interim coach moving forward
  6. Yeah as giants fan it’s been difficult for me to watch Barkley get contacted a yard behind the line of scrimmage the last few years... yes he has broken more tackles but I consider saquan a generational talent put in a terrible situtation... his athleticism is elite and freakish. I’ll be the first to admit that bell doesn’t have that he has “vision, patience and awareness” that is elite. The altheticism can go away over years but the ability to see the field does not. I don’t think anyone is expecting him to be a top 5 pick next year but I do believe he can settle in the rb2 tier and with
  7. I agree that he may have a nose for the endzone... good example is Aaron Jones who is not a big back either. But all I’m saying is that the size rationale has been used by all the analysts and I just don’t see it as punch it in “goalline guy”. I only own bell and I wrote on the bell forum how I think he has elite vision and field awareness vs elite athleticism and speed, but I just don’t see people saying that it’s because of his size. If anything a bowling ball like Ceh in theory would be better build for it. Now it’s understandable that CEH has failed at the goalline sensationally with th
  8. I’m not sure I understand this, and it’s not just you. Bell definitely has had a nose for the endzone with the Steelers, but as far as actual size he came back fit this year 6’1 210. CEH is 207 but 5’7”... one would say that height aside, CEH is a bigger back when it comes to size in relation to height as far as bruising style at the goal line. I like bell for his different running style and catching ability but I just never saw him as goalline back
  9. Always feel good... competitive games are better for him than blow out games. They will still have to establish the run even though Tampa is stout, davante is back they won’t be able to put 8 in the box
  10. Definitely needs to come back from his injury with some steam to carve out anything more than rb3/ flex role. He is a premier handcuff though if anything were to happen to singletary I think he has full range of skills and more complete back.
  11. everyone has there opinion, you have made yours known over 30 pages in this forum. You are just stuck on the how terrible he is was in the jets and how he’s washed band wagon (which is fine, that’s your opinion). Some of us think he still has talent and measureables that your overseeing. In the end we’ll all have to see how this shakes out but posts like this Are just ignorant
  12. Bell is a very different runner than most rbs including Connor or d will. He is extremely patient and is far from a one cut downhill fast runner... he’s not necessarily elusive, but he sees the field extremely well kind of like how Barry Sanders did, except one he also surprisingly never took negative yards in the process. He is far from hall of fame runner like sanders and is no where near as elusive, but as far as field vision and awareness he’s top notch. With the amount of openings from the way that tyreek and Kelce stretch the field and Mahomes movement in the pocket it’s hard not to ge
  13. Bought low for this guy early this week with the intention of them sitting him one more week. If he’s rolled out there with no designation I’m just not sure they don’t put him in decoy mode. Just wierd he went from probably not playing to not even being questionable
  14. I agree with a agree with above post, I had high hopes for jones with as a consistant wr2-3 when golladay was out, but he disappointed when he was out or in. Targets are king, and Patrick has been getting the quality targets. Even in a tough matchup it’s patrick
  15. I like the trade, I think fuller gives you a higher upside, with better floor than terry or woods. I would suggest trying to move either of those wr for some rb depth and also adding latavius Murray if you can after the trade
  16. I need 2 of 3 in full point ppr with bonus over 100 yards Julio vs Vikings- hard to trust julio, hard not to start fuller vs tenn- been really consistant with high ceiling crowder vs Miami-i think he’s overall wr3 in ppr when active, catches between 7-10 balls/game
  17. I think it was only 29 pages when he got released
  18. Singletary owners when they realize moss is back and he only put up 35 yards in a backfield by himself
  19. Probably smokin a j playin madden with his settings stacked to 100 with the Blount man
  20. Forget bets on the signing the wager should start on what day he’s signing. This is not 4pm Wednesday as expected, I didn’t know leveon was such a philosophisizer
  21. So apparently the prove it year got consolidated into 24 hours of silence and likes on twitter?
  22. So let’s say he goes to kc... trying to figure out the role he would have? do you think it would be early down work? Third downs?personally I think it might be similar to that of Aaron jones and Jamal williams where they rotate possessions
  23. Gase is on drugs or something. He is always contradicting himself, and looks like a space cadet always. he’s the turdiest of all turds. Just surprising that he was able to shift blame to the gm and owner that they needed to get rid of their best asset without using him, instead of firing him.
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