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  1. Pitt wanted to resign him. He was always a team locker room guy, he just used to be a pot head and got suspended... he was also 23 and stupid
  2. Not legitimate source also. Also These teams wanted to TRADE as long as the jets agreed to pay some of next years salary. The only benefit to this is that the jets could choose which team he goes to. They didn’t agree so his contract voids, now he chooses where he wants to go
  3. Can you post the tweet, just see a couple of speculative posts on twitter
  4. That’s from a video with Chris Jones from last year
  5. Wonder how much Le’Veon is putting down on these bets tonight before he reveals in the morning
  6. Devils advocate: helps them win a super bowl, gets the ring, off-season move to another team as lead dog
  7. It’s not about making money this year, it’s about carving out a role for next year. If he thinks he can outplay ceh or be a 1a that’s one thing but not sure he would play to be 1b even if it’s under chiefs cause that won’t let him get the money he thinks he deserves for the 1-2 year contract he has left in him
  8. Yeah I think his role in the offense is going to be a part of the equation too. He wants to secure a paycheck after a prove it year, I think he’s betting on himself proving it. Just not sure if he’s rather prove it or win a superbowl
  9. 100% he wanted to get paid, but I think he was advocating for the position as wel. By making himself the example... SURELY that did not pan out for melting Gordon, but player like zeke, David Johnson, McCaffrey mixon all are enjoying the pay days because of what he did
  10. Ugh when has Lenny glass not been injured
  11. Sounds like pretty loose speculation to me... I’m going to have to trust the hard facts on my Twitter and tik tok videos.lol Just a side note, it surprising he doesn’t try to sign right away to get working and carve that position out, I thought he would have something lined up at 4pm tbh
  12. Cam- only one man can score rushing tds dressing like my grandmother in the postgame
  13. I always felt like patriots rb committee was one centerpiece away from creating one voltron rb. Look at those little legs with burkhead and white
  14. Let’s get rex involved... did someone say shiatsu
  15. Is juju knee related, difficult to tell he usually doesn’t practice til Friday ever week
  16. Meanwhile, Bell’s former teammates revealed their surprise upon learning that he was getting cut. “It was surprising to all of us,” tight end Chris Herndon said. “He was a great teammate. A hard-working person. We’re all wishing him the best.” Added wide receiver Breshad Perriman: “I was shocked. Le’Veon was a great teammate. Wherever he lands, I hope he balls out.” Not as much of a cancer as everyone says, just frustrated not being used
  17. If I were him, I’d go to where the line is... any chance Indy, Hines is almost the only pass down back he could be prolific in hiness role since they don’t throw to taylor
  18. Get that, looking for him to be established somewhere by week 8
  19. You guys think he gets flat out signed, or has to come in and take a workout/ days of covid testing
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