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  1. Water under the bridge my friend. Enjoy the ride this year because he'll cost you an arm and a leg next season.
  2. The fact that multiple teams pass on future hall of famers in the draft should tell you what a crapshoot it really is.
  3. Well yeah. But chances are none of these guys are remotely close to Rodgers/Mahomes.
  4. Silly line tonight from our boy. 7 pts, 9 rebs, 6 dimes, 2 steals, 5 blocks
  5. It's a financial move to get under hard cap. Wouldn't have been able to keep Theis in the off season either
  6. He should commit. Enough with babying Timelord with rookie minutes. If not now, when?
  7. His vertical is nuts but it's his finishing ability that's impressed me the most. Huge catch radius, great hands, and is equally good at finessing it in if he can't stuff it.
  8. Who knows. Brad claiming they plan to ramp up his minutes towards the end of the season due to some knee tendinitis but he's been dealing with that since he was a rookie so not sure this is new. Brad Steven's doing a little CYA here I think.
  9. It's a murky path, no doubt. The upside is real though and if he becomes more consistent I don't see TT as a huge roadblock. His physical ability is ridiculous, just an absurd athlete for dude his size. Also, Theis taking his foul was hilarious.
  10. 16/7/0/2/4 on 6 of 8 shots last night with Theis back in the lineup. They were on the floor together a ton showing great chemistry too. Arrow is trending up for Timelord. Absolute stock monster if he can avoid fouling out with 20 mins/game
  11. Might be something to this. They hate Theis too
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