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  1. It seems like I wasted a pick up on him then. Dammit, I think I have to quit my job and just listen to manager press briefings all day.
  2. Did Salazer get pulled or is yahoo being yahoo?
  3. Sb's are the money stat now. I've done well hoarding the speed players (Turner, Hamilton, Gordon)
  4. That AB vs Baez was a thing of beauty, taking pitches outside the zone, fouling off good pitches near or in the zone, finally getting his pitch in the bottom half of the strike zone and smacking it into the gap.
  5. My pitching has been balls recently. I'm pretty much punting wins and ERA/WHIP right now. Lucky to have had a bye week and need a good couple streamers this week.
  6. I'm not starting him and if he sucks tonight I'm punting him. Let someone else have a go with him. Can't post a QS vs the AA Giants, I can't trust him vs anyone.
  7. He probably could use the rest to be honest and at least it isn't at Coors lite
  8. Worth a late round speculative add. Matthews has had injury and drop issues. I know it's a low yield passing offense but someone has to catch the 10-15 passes a game Taylor makes.
  9. Please Cody be ok. You're the only thing keeping my team afloat right now.
  10. Scuffling a little of late, he seems to be pressing his last couple of games and swinging at a lot of bad pitches.
  11. Lots of 1/3, 1/4, 0/3 type days ahead..Better off just leaving the position empty. Outside of a few surprises (Contreras, Realmuto) and all stars (Sanchez, Posey, Molina) catcher has been a great big sh-- heap this year.
  12. I kind of wanted the White Sox to keep pilling it on him. If you're going to f--- up my weekly ERA/WHIP do it right.
  13. Thanks, you were holding him back. I picked him up at around that time.
  14. I was a little worried about playing at two relatively pitcher friendly parks might slow him down a bit, but it doesn't matter when you send the ball into the upper layers of the atmosphere.
  15. Nice. I was picking up setup guys for holds and then they were being bumped to closer and now my closer guys are being bumped to set up guys. Kintzler will regain his role, those other guys are trash.
  16. If you have enough high average guys in your line up, you can balance him out. I could see a lot cold streaks mixed in with this guy but its hard to leave a guy who is pacing for 40+ bombs on the waiver wire.
  17. My one hope for this deadline was Darvish would be traded to National league contending team and that is quickly becoming less and less likely.
  18. He's shook. He's got rocked a couple times and he's no longer doing what made him effective as a pitcher which was working off his change up and trying to induce weak contact.
  19. God, I use to be so annoyed when I saw Smoak's name in the Jays line up, an occasional dinger mixed in with a dozen rally killing infield pop ups and strikeouts, but now he's the only reliable hitter in the line up.
  20. For someone with anxiety issues, Osuna has ice water in his veins.
  21. I'm hoping today is a sign that he's changed his approach but probably not Baltimore's pitching is just AA tier.
  22. It feels good to have finally jettisoned Jonathan Lucroy. That homerun was a thing of beauty yesterday.
  23. Seems like this guy will consistently struggle to crack .240 but still provides some pop and a occassional steal. Hitting .350 the past two weeks and has hit 5 dings.
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