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  1. He really was, if he played an average game they probably would have won. A SB QB hasn't played this bad in a long time.
  2. lol, you need to go harder than that against a guy that is now 6-3 in the Super Bowl.
  3. Not counting on it, damn that was a really bad show.
  4. How do we stop Brady? Dude is old as dirt and the league cant stop him!
  5. Well, what a crappy day. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, have a nice summer, see ya'll in September.
  6. Gus was one of the guys to knock me out today, I stupidly drafted Collins in the 5th.
  7. Had one TD from my team, it came on Thursday night from Jackson, he was the only player to hit projection. All that time wasted to watch my team have its worst game of the year. Im going to score 40 under my season average. Damn this game to hell.
  8. Was down big, needed a huge game from my Ben/Juju stack. Fell flat on their face, knocked out by Mack and the ATL D.
  9. Atlanta D still has 11 minutes to gather sacks and TDs vs Rosen
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