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  1. wtf browns get a block in back penalty during an unfielded fair catch??
  2. lol what cleats are the browns wearing that the ravens aren't??
  3. I like what they're doing, alternating between Chubb and Hunt in each play instead of sticking with one guy for the series. Keeps the RBs fresh.
  4. lol they couldn't get Diggs down? That was all grit.
  5. that's right listen to Collinsworth, throw it right back to him.
  6. I was hoping the pathetic offense would at least get close enough to kick a few field goes. Too much to ask!
  7. lol the only thing worse than that breakout is that dallas offense has to take the field again
  8. why are those antelopes so happy? He's just gonna eat them in a few years.
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