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  1. Think history has shown that JJ history is more predictive than "hope" on the injury front. Who would you rather have with a line to full time (Rushing, Receptions, GL) that is a FA this morning in a 12 team or larger league? (Assuming Edmond's, Dobbins, Edwards and Moss are not generally available on the WW). I like Hill, maybe Dallas this week. Snell (no) Pollard (no) , Dexter Williams (no) B Scott (no) Wilkins (no for this week) ?
  2. This Pope/Kelly role has a high upside. JJ's health is always a melodrama. If JJ goes down Pope has shown he can handle all three of the RB use cases. (Rushing, Receiving, GL work)
  3. If they dont play him I hope Packers lose again...
  4. Great news....He is WR17 in my league...would not have kept that production with a trip to the great white north. WR 1 (top 12)? is the goal. Needs to be the alpha dog..
  5. Fuller owners happy as well. Move would have been a downgrade in short and long term production for Fuller.
  6. Waive Scott for Wilkins, Benard, Hill, Pollard, Gallman, M Brown, Moss, Akers, Hasty, Edwards....I would take any of these guys if available over Scott.
  7. National News saying fireside sale with Texans. Not so hot on the local beat. Don't expect Texans to be sellers at the 2020 NFL trade deadline Mark Lane November 2, 2020 11:51 am If Houston Texans fans were hopeful that the team would trade quality assets at the Nov. 3 deadline to build draft capital, they may need to temper expectations. So says team chairman and CEO Cal McNair, who joined Texans play-by-play voice Marc Vandermeer on Sports Radio 610 Monday morning and said the club d
  8. Dez? You are disrespecting the man!
  9. RB Troymaine Pope has been cleared. Lynn said he’s not concussed and he’s going to be fine. twitter.com/gmanza...
  10. Head still on...but probably out next week.
  11. Pope passed Kelly by? 2nd in snaps, touches, and receptions.
  12. In Yahoo you can pick Thomas up for free before tonight's game...if you drop a bench player...
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