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  1. ⚔️ https://twitter.com/cjzero/status/1383281717272739841?s=21
  2. Closer monkey tweeted that Romano is hitting IL but don’t see the news anywhere else. Anybody know what’s up?
  3. What’s a good public resource to use to look at spin rates?
  4. nothing in his minor league profile suggests that he can hold the k-rate we saw from him last year. also had a ridiculously low babip. i'm intrigued with him as a potential late inning guy, but don't know that he has the stuff to stick as a starter. worth a dart throw at end of drafts based of last year's performance (small sample size notwithstanding)
  5. if he starts, i'm rolling him out there. he got us this far
  6. back at practice today. was honestly hoping he'd said out and we could roll with ahmed sunday. now i dont know what to do
  7. Any concern from best writers with the limited practice status this week? Is Penny still scheduled to come back this week? Carsons been a stud when he gets touches...just trying to confirm that he will get his touches Sunday
  8. Well...that was disappointing. 3 targets? Anybody that watched the game, was Miami rolling double coverage to him all game and he wasn’t able to get open, or was Kyler just looking elsewhere?
  9. Is BOB taking play calling a good thing or bad thing for our boy?
  10. Moving on... Apparently post-game Carroll said it was a knee sprain. What is the typical timeline for a running back coming back from a sprain? 2-3 weeks sound realistic? If that’s the case, this would be a huge break for Carson and his owners. Play looked terrible
  11. How’s the weather looking down there?
  12. Lost Sutton for the year so Parker is my new wr2. Starting him over Fuller tonight. Think (hope?) Parker has a safer floor, and has shown that he can ball out against good coverage. Not listed on the injury report, Fitz has shown that he likes to throw to him. feel pretty good about the process and decision to throw him in the lineup tonight.
  13. For those watching the game-are the Chiefs moving Hill around like they did last week? is Hill even out there running routes?
  14. Should’ve learned my lesson last year and not drafted Barkley again. Just never seems to pay off
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