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  1. Hello, Hope I’m posting this in the right place. I thought it would be interesting to go back and breakdown all the trades in my league to see which manager won the deal over the rest of the season. As far as I can tell, Yahoo doesn’t offer an easy way of doing this. It would require me to pull up each players stats and add/compare. Does anyone know if there’s a tool/analyzer that I can plug players names into to accomplish this? The ones I’m finding only analyze the trade based on the rest of the season. Thanks in advance.
  2. wow those options look better than some peoples starting lineups in my league. I would probably bench Gibson and CEH.
  3. I wouldn’t take that deal. Kelce is way too good and Hunt/Robinson is arguably a downgrade from the other guys.
  4. .5 PPR - need to start one in my flex. Thoughts?
  5. Am I crazy for starting to think this absence might not be related to injury? Disciplinary or personal maybe? If so, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just say so. It’s just very odd that he’s not on IR and not even at the field? Maybe I’m reading into it too much.
  6. I’m glad to see this thread getting so much attention and positive replies. I’ve tried several of the podcasts suggested but I keep going back to FFBallers and FantasyPros. Maybe because that’s what I cut my teeth on? I’ve also added The Podfather and In this League to my list. Looking forward to giving them a try.
  7. I’d probably just keep woods. Too many mouths to feed in TB.
  8. Honestly, I would probably hang tight with what you have
  9. .5 PPR Probably overthinking it but would you give Taylor for Mostert? Mostert is on bye and there’s no guarantee that he’ll even be back after that. thoughts?
  10. My fear for the Dallas game is that they won’t keep up. I think the Vegas point total for the Raiders game is pretty high. I’d honestly lean toward Carr just a bit.
  11. Take it for sure. If you’re worried about RB depth, flip Hopkins for another RB way better than Zek.
  12. No way I’m starting Dez. I read a projection that he might see 15 plays? Against the colts D with an inaccurate QB? No thanks
  13. I’d lean toward Hollywood. He’s been complaining on social media and I do believe in the squeaky wheel narrative.
  14. Moss maybe? I don’t see either as being a big difference.
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