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  1. @Super Joint you’ve convinced me and I’m starting him.
  2. Do you have any good news? I’m starting him and hoping for the best with Murray on bye.
  3. Hopefully the Drake just got racked and it’s nothing too serious.
  4. Momma, there goes that man. Hell of a game Mr Robinson.
  5. Very disappointing performance. Did he piss in Ben’s cornflakes this morning?
  6. Watkins could be back when Bell is ready to be inserted into the lineup which is why I mentioned him. Ultimately I want CEH to perform like the first rounder I hoped for when I drafted him.
  7. They already have so many weapons capable of lighting defenses up. Is Bell more dangerous split out than Hill, Hardman, Watkins, or Robinson? Kelce also splits out. I’m just not sure that splitting out Bell a few times a game will equate to CEH having a significant impact.
  8. Hard to swallow a performance like that, but that’s how it goes when I pencil potential into my lineup.
  9. No concern here if Tua gets the nod. He can sling it better than Fitz and he’ll be sure to feed Parker.
  10. Loved seeing the return of Chark-infested waters yesterday! Keep it up!
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