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  1. If he's going to play only one of the back to back games here I pray it's tomorrow with the light schedule there. I can put together a full roster without him tonight.
  2. I think he's actually waving bye bye to his fantasy relevance.
  3. The more weapons around Duncan the easier his job becomes.
  4. There is no question that Powell's value will take a significant hit.
  5. Words can't describe how much I hate this guy.
  6. Well he was part of a nice poster dunk. Except it was on the receiving end..
  7. Have any of you guys ever actually watched him play? This guy is straight trash. The only thing he has going for him is that he's 7'2".
  8. Why would you punt rebounds with a guy who averages 11??
  9. You don't just round up. Doesn't work that way. There's a big difference between 0.5 and 1.0 steals, and 1.0 steal isn't even very good. He's also not a positive in rebounds. He averages 3.3 at the SF/PF spot. You could pick almost any other player at those positions and they'll provide more than 3.3. FG% relative to the 3's he provides is great but it is not a positive taken at face value. He is also not a positive in points (-0.43 z score). I love Duncan but he is the definition of 3 point specialist.
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