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  1. He's probably never seen him play. Just looks at the box score, sees Player X shot 2/15, goes to Player X's thread and comments "this guy sucks". I've been ignoring crocp on this site for a while.
  2. You're making an assumption and creating a narrative that he only played well because he was going against the #1 pick from his draft class, which is possible I guess. But with no other reason to make that claim other than coincidence, it is a pretty ridiculous statement to make.
  3. If I had a dollar for every time Stephen A was wrong about a team or player I'd be extremely rich.
  4. Stephen A Smith? Now I'm fully convinced Ball will turn out to be a stud.
  5. What are you talking about? Attitude problem with Ingram? I'm not seeing it...
  6. Back by mid-December? https://247sports.com/nba/cleveland-cavaliers/Bolt/Report-Growing-sense-that-Isaiah-Thomas-could-return-to-the-Cleveland-Cavaliers-in-mid-December-110533389
  7. How in the world could you complain? He's filling up the stat sheet.
  8. He's already at 14 minutes played. Are they barely going to play him in the 2nd half or just go against the 20-22 min cap they set?
  9. Lol he was already averaging 6 assists per game.
  10. If it were me I would reverse it, give him Draymond back and not make an issue out of it. Nobody in their right mind would drop Draymond and it's definitely believable it was a drunken mistake; both D. Greens.
  11. I think it was like one guy on this forum who freaked out, and he had the word Football in his handle, so...
  12. He literally turned 20 yesterday, is 5 games into his rookie season and people are declaring his career a bust.
  13. I may not have picked a good game to finally put him in my lineup...
  14. 3 fouls in the 1st quarter. Why did they leave him in after he picked up the 2nd??
  15. Don't worry, I already know to disregard swaggyp's posts.
  16. Well any difference in TO and fg% between Rondo and Simmons that would give an edge to Simmons would surely be eclipsed by Rondo's elite steals totals. I agree with the others. There's no way Simmons returns top 50 value this season in 9 cat. He can still be a very useful piece on a team.
  17. https://twitter.com/Adam_Mares/status/922509882577666048 BUY LOW
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