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  1. Yeah, you're probably right about the assists. He truly is a gifted passer. I just somehow don't see him with as big of a role as others expect. I'd revise my expectations to 6.5 assists in 25 minutes, which is always valuable.
  2. Wtf did I just read???? One of the best defenders in the NBA??? This is more confusing than the time you said Rondo is a great shooter.
  3. How do you sell high on Dedmon? Who would you expect to get in exchange for him in a trade?
  4. Sorry, gonna make a pick now. I didn't realize I was supposed to take over the rest of the draft for him.
  5. I've got him at 8 pts, 5 assists, 1.5 3PTM, 0.7 steals in 25 mpg
  6. He makes some nice highlight passes but I don't see him averaging 12/6 with 2 threes. Potential for more? How do you figure with Pat Bev there? And Lou Williams and Austin Rivers to also run some point. I think you're waaay too optimistic about Milos. I see him as a decent add in deeper leagues.
  7. I don't think DMC in the 1st round is crazy. He's a strong positive in 6 cats and only a killer in 1 cat. Kyrie starts to balance some negatives out and if you draft smart the rest of the way it can be a nasty roto squad.
  8. His career is over. He has failed the eye test. Will be playing in Italy league next year.
  9. LESS than 1.8? Steve Nash had one year where he hit the other metrics but had exactly 1.8 TO. Doesn't count?
  10. People are hilarious. These overreactions are more than common here at rotoworld.
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