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  1. ., I agree with most of your post. However, in regards to this comparison with Stanley Johnson, it's not fair to say Kuzma is somebody who came in and grabbed it by the horns while Stanley shied away and took a backseat. Stanley also destroyed in Summer League and Pre-Season the year he was drafted, showing tons of aggressiveness and confidence, yet he went on to be a total failure in the regular season.
  2. Shot 2/13 for 4 points with 2 rebounds and 3 assists in 22 minutes. This board would be going bonkers if it was Lonzo.
  3. Andre Drummond and Dwight Howard will both average 2+ 3PTM
  4. I was just checking the box scores on NBA.com and it currently lists Drummond as having 17 points in 12 minutes, hitting 4 of 5 3PM!!!!! and 5 of 6 FT?!!? This can't be right, can it?????????????
  5. I don't see how it's possible they win a single game all season.
  6. Yeah i'm not seeing much hype surrounding Ingram besides things the Lakers organization is saying, which would be expected. In fantasy terms i've only seen a few including myself really excited about his prospects this season. His ADP remains low. I see him as one of the best low risk high reward options this year.
  7. Good stuff Puzz. Wanted to throw James Johnson in the mix also. Very nice blocks from the SF spot. I think he'll be playing PF for the most part but should qualify as a SF also in leagues.
  8. There is not a snowball's chance in hell Mudiay has that kind of efficiency this year while contributing 1.8 threes.
  9. They just signed Jarret Jack also. I'm not touching that situation.
  10. Seriously? He's only 31, turning 32 after the season ends. No real injury history, currently at peak confidence coming off a Eurobasket MVP and coming off a near career season. I'll take younger players over him if I expect them to just outperform him but I'm not concerned about any effects of aging AT ALL. I think Goran matches his numbers from last year and very possibly tops them.
  11. That's a bad joke. There's a huge difference between Middleton and a guy like Hood.
  12. Lou Williams is with the Clippers now. I agree with thrilla's analysis also, but think there's also a chance Ingram could outrank Ball this season in terms of fantasy if his improvement is where I think it will be.
  13. 47% for a guard is good, in a vacuum. But I like my guards to hit 3's, and when 47% comes along with only 0.5 3PTM it's not all that enticing to me. That's the big difference between him and CP3/Kyrie. CP3 and Kyrie shot 47% while contributing 2+ 3PTM.
  14. Signed a qualifying offer. 1 year, $4.1 million. Did he really turn down $17 per? https://www.si.com/nba/2017/08/26/mavericks-nerlens-noel-signs-qualifying-offer
  15. This definitely makes them better in the long-term, possibly in the short term as well.
  16. No upside you say? http://img.bleacherreport.net/img/images/photos/002/844/329/197422d833c277780c8090426be98f59_crop_north.jpg?1397230906&w=630&h=420
  17. I'll tell you who it is once the draft ends, or after they are picked. But I thought safer picks made more sense for this league since we won't be able to sub in/out players.
  18. I almost went with somebody else who is still available but thought it was too much of a gamble and stuck with the safer pick in Mills.
  19. Round 13 145) Buzz Peterson - Andre Iguodala 146) LuSamSiam - Patty Mills147) Kimoti - 148) Kaboom - 149) pies-doom - 150) boogie night 151) terribleswedes152) two0six 153) KennyMack154) hoopking155) stifletower 156) tongs Team LuSamSiam: PG: Steph Curry (1.2)SG: Victor Oladipo (4.11)G: Kyle Lowry (2.11)SF: Nicolas Batum (5.2)PF: Derrick Favors (6.11)F: James Johnson (7.2)C: Joel Embiid (3.2)C: Boban Marjanovic (11.2)UT: Markieff Morris (8.11)UT: Nikola Mirotic (9.2)Bench: Dwyane Wade (10.11)Bench: Dario Saric (12.11)Bench: Patty Mills (13.2)
  20. Round 12: 133) tongs - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 134) stifletower - Marcus Smart 135) hoopking - Tristan Thompson 136) kennymack -Danny Green 137) two0six -JaMychal Green 138) terribleswedes - Ryan Anderson 139) boogie night - Josh Jackson 140) pies-doom- Skal Labissiere 141) kaboom - Larry Nance Jr. 142) kimoti - Dion Waiters 143) lusamsiam - Dario Saric 144) puzz beterson Team LuSamSiam: PG: Steph Curry (1.2)SG: Victor Oladipo (4.11)G: Kyle Lowry (2.11)SF: Nicolas Batum (5.2)PF: Derrick Favors (6.11)F: James Johnson (7.2)C: Joel Embiid (3.2)C: Boban Marjanovic (11.2)UT: Markieff Morris (8.11)UT: Nikola Mirotic (9.2)Bench: Dwyane Wade (10.11)Bench: Dario Saric (12.11)Bench:
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