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  1. Whatever the differences in stats are, it amounts to a +0.66 score for Luka and a +0.59 score for Jimmy by BasketballMonster's 9-cat algorithm. So it is true that Jimmy is not trailing far behind Luka in per game value.
  2. He's clearly just talking in terms of stats. This is a fantasy site after all. BTW don't make me drudge up your pre-season take on Ingram...
  3. Yep, that was exactly where he confirmed it.
  4. What are you getting impatient about? He's averaging 20/6/6 so far this month on great efficiency.
  5. Aaron Holiday has been looking good.
  6. Could Darius Bazley carry the momentum forward from his breakout game last night? Very young and raw but I picked him up to find out.
  7. Yup, should be a top 5 fantasy player by end of season.
  8. You play in a league where Conley gets dropped. And you get upset about using a #3 waiver on him. That is not a serious league, Get over yourself.
  9. Watching this game. Herro is unreal. That release is lightning fast and it's bottom of the net every time.
  10. He will definitely be averaging more than 15-16 ppg. I'd put him around 21-24 ppg.
  11. They brought him on for the playoffs and didn't need him to play 30+ mpg those last couple of months of the regular season. In the playoffs he averaged 30.6 mpg. This year they'll need him more in the regular season with Kawhi gone. I expect around 30 mpg.
  12. Westbrook + Jimmy will be a disaster. I'm a Heat fan and praying we don't get Westbrook.
  13. Why would you go with data that's weighted heavily by a different stage of his career than the more recent data of the past 2 seasons which is more relevant and already a huge sample size on its own? Makes absolutely no sense.
  14. How much does Gasol's role/value increase in Toronto if Kawhi doesn't resign. Thoughts?
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