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  1. He'd have about the same role anywhere he ends up with a likelihood he's actually motivated to play.
  2. Why? He had a good game aside from the turnovers.
  3. Agreed. He'll break out eventually. I think we're going to be getting lines similar to last year in time for fantasy playoffs.
  4. I think he's one of the best bets to be traded by the deadline. I'm trying to buy low right now.
  5. You THINK you robbed him? You robbed him. Period.
  6. If you're worried about Lebron being shut down you could do A LOT better than Markkanen. No way in hell I would take Markkanen for Lebron.
  7. I just read the article and don't understand why it gives you hope that he'll be playing this season.
  8. I know I'm not supposed to post this kind of stuff but I'm going to do it anyway...
  9. He can't be. He took less than 10 shots in that one game that one time.
  10. I'm confused. On a per game basis he's been incredible. You drafted Kawhi not expecting him to be rested some nights after missing almost all of last year with injury?
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