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  1. Lol man, what in the world are you talking about? I don't know where you came up with this rule about having less than 10 shots in a random game meaning you shouldn't be considered a 1st round player. He was a 1st round player last year (#12) and is just outside of the 1st round this year. The stats speak for themselves. You just sound silly.
  2. Lol my stat tracker briefly showed some stats for him.
  3. Might not be asking for enough. Try for another couple early rounders.
  4. Montrezl is in a good situation right now. He will go back to being a quality backup at some point. Easily a top 50 player for the next 8 years? No way.
  5. What's wrong with hoping for him to get to 50% fg? I hope he gets there also.
  6. He could definitely crack top 70 but that doesn't sound like it would be worth a pickup for you since you're in a 4 tean league.
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