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  1. Fair enough, although I don't fully agree. I just thought it was weird using PJ's shot attempts as an example of somebody affected. He's actually attempting more shots per game so far this season than he has in any other year of his career.
  2. Lol are you saying PJ Tucker should be getting more shots? PJ Tucker???
  3. He already stated that he's dealing with a dead foot nerve issue and plans to play through it. No mystery.
  4. I'm not assuming people haven't tried. But just because it wasn't successful in one person's league doesn't mean it won't be in another's. "Not everyone will play in a casual league where they give up relatively predictable ROS players for Bjelica." I think you've got it totally backwards here. People would be more apt to give up predictable but low end production to take a risk on upside in competitive leagues. Those are the types of moves that end up winning you a championship. And you're right, it wouldn't be much fun getting Thad in return. I'm not suggesting you d
  5. You'll have 3 when you drop Marjanovic in a few days after a DNP.
  6. It's 8 games into the season. Rodney Mcgruder is top 35. Klay Thompson is just inside the top 100. Everybody calm down.
  7. Pretty ridiculous to say that. You don't know what people will be willing to trade until you try. Guys like Thad Young and Jonas Valanciunas are top 75 players. I don't think it's that crazy of an idea that somebody would move a guy like that for a red hot Bjelica.
  8. Doubt it. The Kings will start slipping and his minutes will eventually be reduced. He is a very easy sell high.
  9. Didn't he sit for rest just a little over a week ago on the first night of a back to back? ...and nothing's going to affect his bid for MVP. He's got that locked up.
  10. Really been struggling ever since the all-star break.
  11. Averaging 27.5/7.5/5 with 2.5 threes, 4.5 steals and 3 blocks in 2 games against Orlando so far this season. Revenge pt. 3 tonight?
  12. Looks rusty so far. Might need a few games to get into rhythm.
  13. Could be a Roto league, where there is a Games Played limit. In that format you put much more thought into plugging a guy into your lineup.
  14. Anybody expect a reversion to the mean with his ft shooting in the 2nd half of the season? Currently at 71%. He shot 80% or better the previous 7 seasons. I figure it's gotta come around, no?
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