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  1. 18/10 in 18 minutes. Best +/- on the team with a +10 and he has to sit and watch from the bench during crunch time in the 4th and the entire OT. I'm definitely going to be trying to sell high after tonight.
  2. ???????? I didn't say I thought he would be out for a long period of time. I just said that you were misinterpreting what he said. I have no clue how long he will be out for, nor am I trying to guess.
  3. Are you saying this based on the Rotoworld update? Because if you are it seems like you're twisting his quotes a bit. Rotoworld update: "Hopefully it is not that serious, just a pull on the hammy," Harden said. "Just got some treatment right now and hopefully, day to day, it gets better." Harden: Hopefully it's not that serious. You: According to Harden it's not that serious. Harden: Hopefully, day to day, it gets better. You: Harden thinks it's day to day.
  4. Surprise! Get him in your lineups. He's playing!
  5. This whole argument is beyond ridiculous. Just go on youtube and watch some highlight videos of Rubio's passing. You don't make passes like that unless you are a gifted passer. You are right, gifted passers don't forget how to pass. He just went to a team/system that doesn't really utilize his skillset. I'm not the biggest Rubio fan, he's far from a complete player. But to say he's not a skilled passer is just plain ignorant.
  6. If you could find even one person who agrees with you that Rubio is not a gifted passer i'd be shocked.
  7. Are you joking? Pop doesn't care about fantasy stats. The Spurs are 3rd in the West with an underwhelming roster that's missed Kawhi until recently. He is managing Pau's minutes and leading them to a good record in the process. He's concerned with positioning them for the post-season, not getting Pau a triple double so you can win your weekly h2h matchup. I would also love Pau to get more minutes as I own him in 2 leagues, but I'm pretty sure Pop knows what he's doing. He's got 5 championship rings. How many do you have?
  8. Apparently he banged knees with Oubre in the 1st quarter.
  9. You should quit fantasy for asking that question.
  10. Agreed. If you need your team to be better, trade for Oladipo. If you need to worry about your team, stay with Kawhi.
  11. We saw Coach Rondo out there to help decide who closed. Coach Alvin Gentry said he tried to sub Rondo in late, but Rondo told Gentry to leave the group that was on the floor in the game because they were hot. Rondo has been very productive as the starter, he's making his shots and he's not going to the line, so his fantasy owners have to be pleased so far. Although, he may be close to peaking and Rondo not even going back in on his own accord is interesting. More: Will Guillory on Twitter (Rotoworld.com) Damn that's annoying. Self-sabotage, although it doesn't FULLY explain the lack of minutes.
  12. Salvaged his line big time in the 4th quarter. Let's go.
  13. Last 3 games were some of most favorable matchups possible I'm watching to see what he does over the next couple games.
  14. IT was also getting to the line 8.5 times per game though, and I think he will probably see a reduction there this year. 25 ppg seems like a bit of a stretch imo. I'd put him at 21-23. Hope I'm proven wrong.
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