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  1. I wouldn't put TOO much stock in this tweet, but I found it encouraging given the lack of information available right now.
  2. "Isaiah Thomas is making his return before the end of the year. According to Sam Amico of Amico Hoops, the 5-foot-9 point guard will make his return during the Cleveland Cavaliers' West Coast trip during Christmas, when they take on the Golden State Warriors on December 25: Thomas hasn't played all season long as he's recovered from a hip injury suffered during last year's Eastern Conference Finals. However, he has progressed faster than expected and has engaged in four-and-four and three-on-three contact practices. Having Thomas return during the Cavaliers' most difficult ma
  3. 40 minutes after dealing with back tightness. Anybody trying to move Embiid?
  4. It's easy to tell who the sophisticated, seasoned fantasy players are. That other guy is focused on the past, while you are smartly looking at the future. Anybody can look at his stats so far and recognize he isn't matching his ADP or past year's numbers. The question is where does he go from here? Unless he has some lingering health issues or is in a different team situation it is very unlikely that a 28 yr old guy all of a sudden is not as good at basketball as he's been. The guy has a track record (although not a world beater). Is it possible he totally falls off this year? Yes, but not lik
  5. Can a mod please merge this thread with the "Most annoying player to own" thread?
  6. I'm torn over whether to plug him into my lineup tonight (roto league). He's starting and should get good minutes with Markannen out but he's also going up against the best defense in the league, not to mention he only recently returned and may not be in a good rhythm yet even though last game's stats were nice. Thoughts?
  7. Bro, we get it. You traded him just before he got injured. I actually happened to do the exact same thing but don't feel the need to remind everybody of it every half an hour. You're not providing any value to the thread with those posts and trust me, nobody really cares.
  8. Revenge game coming up on Wednesday vs OKC? 60 points?
  9. Man, what a BEAST. I'm in continuous shock how much he's improved this year.
  10. I think Ulis will end up being a must-add for leagues for whatever amount of time Booker is out. I see really solid points/assists numbers coming.
  11. I would have traded Nurkic for Jingles without much hesitation. Nurk does more harm than good with his %'s and TO's. He is the Dion Waiters of centers.
  12. Are you adding him over Ulis or is Ulis taken in your league? I think Tyler is the better pick up.
  13. No, he just really hasn't done much in the 2nd half.
  14. I would think he would know after 7 years in it.
  15. Are you talking about a roto league? Because that doesn't sound like a points league.
  16. You gotta be joking. Is this your first year playing fantasy along with the rest of your league? Batum has been an early to mid round player every year for the past 7 years (many of them sporting a bad fg%). I'm not getting shook by 8 games coming off an elbow injury. Yeah, he's been playing bad. So what?? He has years of track record to show that he will turn it around. Alec Burks has been a 1st round player over the past week. Why don't you pick him up over Batum and hold til the end of the year and see how that turns out for you? The thing that's not rocket science is picking Batum up if he
  17. You drop and pick Batum back up multiple times? What kind of league is that? Are you the only team?
  18. These questions aren't asking for advice, so I personally think they belong here. I was asked about a trade I already made, which could give some idea of Prince's perceived value.
  19. I traded Prince and Embiid for Paul George, but settings in this league are strange. 7-cat roto, they don't include TO or (oddly) FG%.
  20. That's exactly what I just did a couple of days ago, but it was in a roto league where playoff schedule is not a consideration.
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