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  1. I am very intrigued by Bell and could see him potentially supplanting Pachulia for more minutes. Anybody have any sense of what his free throw impact would be with a healthy dose of playing time? Does he figure to be a big who would not kill your % there?
  2. Tough to say without knowing the extent of Davis's injury. If he ends up being out for a significant amount of time you lose that trade.
  3. Worth a pickup while Jokic is out? Or is Hernangomez the better pick up?
  4. From that ESPN article: "Russell feels like a 20-point 11 assists-plus-rebound player that won't cost you nearly that much right now." 11 assists???? Edit: Or are they saying 11 of assists + rebounds combined?
  5. Terrence Jones comes back from China and stomps on the homeless version?
  6. Oladipo's gotta win Most Improved Player this year.
  7. He's not playing tonight because the 76ers aren't playing tonight.
  8. RoLo is not top 100 (not sure where you got that from) and things will only get worse as the season progresses on this Bulls team that has no reason to play their vets. The smart move would have been to trade one of your SG's for a legitimate center. There is no league shallow enough that dropping Batum makes sense in.
  9. You should really consult the AC forum here the next time you are thinking of making a terrible move like dropping Batum for RoLo.
  10. Lol you just called him a brainwashed sheep and somebody who doesn't think for himself in the same post you lecture him on learning how to speak without insulting...
  11. I wouldn't take anything away from this one tonight. He only had a good game because he was going up against Marquese Chriss, who was in his draft class. Terrible attitude on this guy.
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