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  1. He stinks every time I see him play. Bad shooter and awful shot selection.
  2. I mean he's only viable if Jordan gets hurt and or Jeff Green misses extended periods of time.
  3. If you watch the games, they barely pass him the ball and or run plays for him.
  4. He’s been awful tonight. Missing floaters and turning the ball over.
  5. No recent comments on his good game the other night? He shot better and his steals have picked up the last couple of games. He has good matchups against bad teams like the Hawks & the Rockets coming up.
  6. Let somebody else deal with the FG% massacre. He has talent but for Fantasy he’s not very good.
  7. dude I can get assists on the WW. Case in point Jordan McLaughin from Minnesota. You’ll be hard pressed finding somebody on the WW that can help you in FTM. And lol@acquire those players. Those players are going to get even more value then they already have. If you score a lot of points you most likely shoot a good amount of FTs as well. It’s like you guys are doubling up the value on high scorers. I’ll never play in a league like that.
  8. That’s why it’s a dumb stat. You can’t really go to the WW and find that lol
  9. I mean I think blocks have gone the recent years but it’s still something a lot of players contribute something in.
  10. There’s only like 5 players that shoot mad FTs
  11. I'm not saying people should drop him but I'm not mad if they do. Edwards needs to play more downhill. He's settling for too many 3 point shots. His shot selection sucks man.
  12. Difference being that Edwards is not a good shooter and insists on shooting. He's 6'4 200+ pounds but wants to be Steph Curry lol.
  13. FGM and FTM? Lol Why would you play with those stats? Especially FTM, when there's probably like 5 guys in the entire league that really excel in that.
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