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  1. You’re talking about a guy you couple have picked up on the WW and or drafted as your last pick. Doesn’t hurt to keep him around until he gets hurt or stops producing. Lol you guys talk as if Sterling was a high pick this year.
  2. Right now Saquon is a shell of himself. Engram might take some underneath action but Shepard is finally playing in the position he should always been playing which is the slot. Last few years he was playing out of position.
  3. I don’t think he will be a star either. I don’t know what we disagree with ?
  4. Ok maybe I should have said he doesn't have a high ceiling. He has a pretty good floor though.
  5. Kevin Porter will score more but that will come in the expense of bad FG %, Bad FT% and a ton of turn overs.
  6. Hmm, I had him last season, and I didn't think he was very good. Turn the ball over alot and got his shot blocked alot. I think he has reached his ceiling.
  7. I don't need another RB. but I'm bidding on Mitchell, I could use him as trade bait and improve an area I'm not strong in.
  8. AD falling to round 6? In what kind of league is this?
  9. You shouldn't punt anything, soft punt yes but just out right punting in H2H is not always very productive.
  10. hmm interesting…. I’ve never chased or drafted around ft% but I’m going to be doing that this upcoming season. I realized most drafters by pass this category. Blocks you can find sometimes in the WW. So I never focus on it during the draft.
  11. The guy that won my league didn’t punt FT% so there you have it.
  12. I'd also be concerned with him getting injured. He plays balls to wall and I'm afraid he's going to twist an ankle each time he goes for the sky high blocks. He plays like a football player.
  13. I wouldn't touch LBJ with a 10ft pole. Dude is ancient and injury prone. And not only that, he will get load managed all season.
  14. I wouldn't touch none of these rookies and let people reach for them. They will almost all be giving games off during the end of the season when their teams realize that the playoffs is a no shot.
  15. It’s only been 5 weeks Dude
  16. He only plays 23 minutes a game. It’s a shame what Walton is doing to him.
  17. I mean Clayton played last night and didn’t do much.
  18. wow, that’s unbelievable. What the hell is injury management ? If he played last night and was deemed healthy , why is he sitting out tonight? Couldn’t they just limit his minutes ? Adam Silver needs to do something , these players want the most money but are barely out there playing.
  19. How long do sprained ankles really last? Feels like guys are sitting out longer for something as minor as a sprained ankle. Doesn’t the NBA have the best medical staff and nutrition out there? People like to lambast the players from the past, but they atleast would play even if they were a little dinged up. These new cats are sitting for a broken nail lol then you have Kyrie who’s just randomly taking rest days
  20. I mean idk if you can consider somebody a fantasy bust if they’re injured. I always thought a fantasy bust was for a relatively healthy player that simply didn’t reach expectations!
  21. Stewart most recent good game was against the lowly Sacramento Kings. He’s not very good right now and am surprised people were recommending him. Enes Kanter demolished him the other night.
  22. Michael Carter Williams and that chucker Cole Anthony are taking usage from him. That coach in Orlando is something else. He starts scrubs like bacon and MCW. Now he’s integrating Gary Harris over RJ Hampton.
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