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  1. It really is an indictment of the Mets' franchise.
  2. Teams and coaches (Pop) have also realized that the regular season barely means anything, so why push your guys for most of the year when you can keep them rested for the playoffs? Either that or you’re out of contention so same thing. The problem is the format of the NBA season, too long and too many teams make the playoffs. The league isn’t sacrificing money by cutting the number of games, so there needs to be a more creative solution. There was talk of a mid season FA Cup type tournament but I’m not sure I see it catching on.
  3. Any thoughts on how the Vuc move impacts our boy? I don't see it as a negative. If anything defenses can't focus on him as much, or he gets more assist opportunities. Giddyup!
  4. Got a little aggressive on this guy in an auction after getting outbid on my main targets. Here’s hoping for the best and that the bearish prognostications are wrong.
  5. Nobody good unless you're in a league with people who don't pay attention.
  6. Such a tease without regular minutes. Come on Thibs wake up!
  7. Seems like a better real life guy than fantasy, since fielding is a big part of his game. Maybe a fantasy asset if he can add some power.
  8. Thinking about selling on Collin Sexton. Not sure he has much more upside than this and doesn’t offer much more than scoring. Still, don’t see a great match out there. Can’t bring myself to make the plunge on Nurkic and not sure the owner would even accept.
  9. Am I crazy to be confounded by the lack of blocks thus far?
  10. Line looked good but those percentages are a bummer.
  11. They should both be able to eat. But I agree Zach’s start is confounding.
  12. This guy was very fun to own a couple years ago. Doesn't score much, but STUFFS other categories. Let's go!
  13. Yeah Sabonis eats his lunch on the glass and in the paint. He needs a change of scenery to really reach his fantasy potential.
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