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  1. Pfft wind worries is so 17 minutes ago. We dancing now, keep up with the hype train!!
  2. https://twitter.com/nfldfsweather/status/931268970640003077?s=17 FWIW
  3. You can only compare their games when both were active. Davis hasn't had any games with Matthews out so the games Davis missed are a wash imo.
  4. Haha good point. I think there's no clout on this one though. No one gives a damn about the fins. Not enough of a high profile news-maker for Supreme Overlord Goodell. Though if Zeke had gotten off, I'd bet on Landry getting a 2 year suspension MINIMUM
  5. He shoves her and she falls backwards into the car. Dick move sure, but 6 game abuse suspension??? This is a non-event if I've ever seen one. I have Parker and would love a suspension, but c'mon man. Not happening! If that's physical abuse, then AJ Green and Mike Evans are guilty of aggravated assault
  6. In a sense it's remembering the bad, cause none of these players were on my team haha
  7. I used to be the same way, but I feel like TNF games haven't been half bad for fantasy this year. Tons of blowup performances: Watkins, Tyreek, Amari Cooper, Tyrod Taylor, Matt Forte, etc. Maybe I have just selective memory though.
  8. Multiweek absence and new QB when he gets back. I view Parker as droppable but only for a "high upside" stash like Davis, Westbrook, ... maybe Robinson? Also after seeing the Giant's corps get decimated with ankle injuries and given Parker's history, I don't have a lot of confidence that he'll stay healthy AND perform this year. Keeper/dynasty leagues different story though.
  9. ^ This Why is JuJu all of a sudden expected to deliver in this offense when MB couldn't? Conversely if they do find a way to utilize JuJu effectively, it all but proves MB's point that Steeler's weren't doing much to have him involved (in my opinion)
  10. Bryant apparently dealing with a back injury. Might still be good to go this week, but concerns me as a set and forget/ROS play. Likely dropping for Lutz. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/falcons-matt-bryant-dealing-with-back-injury/
  11. This was the main reason why I didn't push hard/overpay for OBJ. Daunting schedule coming up during some key weeks. Extremely fortunate in hindsight.
  12. Unless you BADLY need a receiver this week, I'd hold and see what Bell can do against Chicago. I can't imagine his trade value going anywhere but up after this game.
  13. If you can hold both I'd keep Mariota but play Cutler this week. I'm in the same scenario and will be playing Rivers or Cutler this week with Mariota on my bench.
  14. Ah so the WR in this deal is largely meaningless for you haha. I'd also take Kearse over Lafell. But a big thing to consider is that both Minn and Pitt have their bye's Week 9. Still a ways away but you'll be in TOUGH that week with Cook and Bell out.
  15. Drop Perkins, grab Carson (or the next best available RB)
  16. I'd definitely take it. Ertz is primed for a big year and you have tons of depth with Martin back in a few weeks and getting Cook in the deal. Eifert can perform but also shaky with injuries.
  17. What kind of deals would you look to make in a straight RB for WR? I love all three guys but I'm basically throwing away points on my bench every week.
  18. Thinking of offering Ty Montgomery & Martavius Bryant for A.J. Green & Doug Martin Is it enough ... too much .... too little? I have Bell, Hunt, and Ty Monty but can only play 2 RBs. My receivers are M. Thomas, M. Bryant, and D. Parker. Bench: P. Garcon, Cohen, Kupp My other option is to try go straight up Evans or Julio for Bell to their owners.
  19. Yeah I'm trying to trade one. Hopefully they both have big weeks and I can work out a deal.
  20. Golladay. More promising potential with Stafford who loves to bomb it downfield. Arizona is looking to be a crapshoot this year.
  21. I already have Bell in the other RB slot and can't play RB's in the Flex. So it's only one or the other. It's a situation where I can't see me kicking myself either way. Hunt looks great but is going up against a reasonably tough D in the Eagles. Meanwhile TY Monty has a dream matchup in the Falcons. Very hard to find a sensible opinion on Hunt after he exploded on the Pat's Defense. While it was a mega performance (and he did look great), it's still only been one game for Hunt.
  22. Week 2. Who would you start: Kareem Hunt (vs. Phi) or Ty Montgomery (@Atl)?
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