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  1. Anyone know anyone who think they have it or has tested positive? If so how is he or she doing? I have one friend who has it and she sleeps a alot, is really run down, and generally feels like ****.
  2. I play dynasty and I'll never let him go. That's all I got. He got me a ring this year. Kid is amazing.
  3. I own him in a 3 keeper league and have no plans to trade him heading into next year. It was a down year, but the volume is still off the charts. I chalk it up to him being banged up more this year than in years past. Mahomes, Kamara, Kelce, that's the core. He's still top a top 5 running back in dynasty/keeper leagues.
  4. I smoke the devil's lettuce while waiting on the GM meetings, where all the off season dynasty and keeper trades take place.
  5. I'll say this about hype: Reading too much "expert" projections in regards to season long tea leaves is very high variance. If you play in a highly competitive league, I feel going from being a good to great GM lies in reading the tea leaves yourself. How you read the tea leaves will depend on your process of information gathering, value placement, with ultimately draft day execution being your main building block towards success. If your league also involves keepers and draft pick trading, knowing when to buy and sell at different points in and out of season is also very imp
  6. Ekeler, Mahomes, Kelce, Kamara, DJ Moore and Waller was the core that got me the title at the end. It was the wildest run of my life, first ever ring in a cut throat league, year ten of trying.
  7. I won in spite of this call. Honestly, it was a Christmas Miracle. I was way too bullish here, Boone lost all run to Abdullah once Minny was behind.
  8. I won the whole thing after losing last year in the Super Bowl by 5.2. I was missing my 4th and 6th round draft picks but had 4 8th round picks coming into the draft. I laded Darren Waller, Austin Ekeler, to go with keepers Mahomes, JuJu. and Kamara. JuJu literally gave me nest to nothing all season, Kirk was out for a month, Mahomes, was out for a few weeks, and Kamara had one TD all season until the title game. Traded for Kelce and DJ Moore along the way, and traded away Mark Andrews, who I also found in the draft in September. Ripped off 7 straight down the stretch, taki
  9. WINNING THE WHOLE THING ! After losing in the SB last year by 5.2. All the way back to finish the job !
  10. He carried me in the afternoon and showed up for me when it mattered most, been on this train since inception and not getting off anytime soon.
  11. To the victors go the spoils of war, it's the Mike Boone Show, on Monday Night Football, Championship Week. God's speed my brothers and sisters.
  12. Alright I'm in on this, my twitter feeds say it's Boone SZN. Good luck to all still standing.
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