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  1. Surprised there's been no discussion about Lowry not getting moved when everyone was so sure it would happen (including Lowry himself). So Norman Powell/Terence Davis/Matt Thomas are out -- Gary Trent/Rodney Hood are in. I figure they'll probably slide Trent into Powell's position starting at SF, but Trent will get fewer touches/usage than Powell did. Which should free up a few more touches/shots for Lowry/VanVleet/other Raptors. But the main concern is that Lowry is now 35 years old, and he remains on a Raptors team that is 17-26 and likely going nowhere this season. He's been play
  2. He's down to 24 minutes a game, over 5 minutes less than he was getting last year. Hence the 2 fewer attempts per game, fewer points, fewer 3s, fewer everything. That is definitely something to be concerned about. Wiz spent a top 10 pick on Avdija, they have every reason to invest in his development and see what they have, especially on this team that looks worse than expected and doesn't look like it's going to sniff the playoffs atm If you go to your league standings I'd bet most of the teams are tightly clustered around 45-47%, fg% is often very close unless one team is blatantly tanki
  3. BC he provides next to nothing in boards, assists, steals, blocks all while he's sinking your fg% this year at just 37%. This has him ranked a dismal 162 in 9Cat on the year. He can improve on that surely, but at the end of the day he's a 1 category specialist with that category (3s) being the easiest one to find on the waiver wire. His minutes and his role are down with the additions of Avdija and Westbrook, so let's chill on acting like this guy is some undroppable stud
  4. Uhh what? We're talking about a guy coming off a ruptured Achilles that hasn't played in 2 years...and he looks fantastic - balling tf out, ranked 33rd on BBM even with the TOs. His owners should be ecstatic with the early returns Please do us all a favor and drop him. Or quit your bitching
  5. I'd expect something around 12-13 points, 6 boards, 5 dimes with a steal and a 3. Those counting stats are solid enough, but he'll murder your fg%. Shot 38% at UNC and shooting 30% so far in the League, no bueno. Gotta expect TOs as a rookie point guard as well If you're in a pts league or are punting fg% in a cats league he's definitely worth a scoop. For the rest of us, not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze tbh
  6. Celtics fan here who has seen a ton of Timelord: His strengths are as a P+R roll man with his leaping ability, has a good feel for just being near the rim for either a putback dunk or as an alleyoop outlet for when our guards/wings get into the lane, he's also flashed some passing ability as well. Really good shot blocker - has the length, instincts, and hops to be one of the best, but still bites on too many pumps and gets caught out of position more often than our other more experienced bigs, especially defending the P+R. But all-in-all he brings the athleticism/energy on both ends and has p
  7. Another nice line and with 37 min tonight. Minutes wont be quite that high but it's looking like he's locked up that PF spot in Phoenix
  8. No sugarcoating it this looks really bad. -16 in just 20 minutes, getting outplayed by Poeltl, and worst of all the Spurs going small ball in crunch time to close out the game 3 games in and he doesn't seem to be a significant part of the offense so far. A lot of sitting in the corner and hoping he gets the ball instead of being a natural, active member of the offense. The young guys are playing their game and aren't deferring to him as much I hear he always starts slow, so maybe he can turn it around. But right now he definitely looks like the slow 35 year old man on a young up temp
  9. IDK if you watch football but players get up and walk off with a concussion all the time. Just bc he didn't get stretchered off the court doesn't mean he didn't sustain a head injury
  10. Got 8 stitches and Lue thinks he'll be "fine" whatever that means. Hope he's right but I'm not buying it tbh, the dude collapsed and he looked absolutely dazed. I'd be preparing for a concussion at best or possible broken jaw at worst.
  11. Is Killian ever going to play with Rose at times or will they strictly be splitting minutes at PG like they have been? That's really the key. If it's the latter, his minutes and upside will be hard capped and probably not worth owning unless something happens to Rose (either an injury or trade)
  12. So I guess as far as we know he's been activated but is still going to be a game time decision? Playing the Rams + afternoon game means owners are prob going to have to make some tough decisions Edit: Also 49ers can't play or practice at home for the next 3 weeks due to contact sports ban in Bay Area, might affect him getting up to speed + no home games weeks 13 and 14
  13. He's going to be out this week and nobody should be surprised by that. Just gotta hope he's ready to kill it weeks 14-16 after the bye for those of us that made the playoffs The Panthers have played it conservatively with his injuries this year, but it's Rhule's first year and they're not trying to tank for draft picks, they want to establish a winning culture. If he's feeling good and ready to play come week 14, he'll be out there.
  14. So does anyone actually know the deal with this dude? He practices Wed and Thurs and "looks good" then doesn't on Friday and is ruled out. There's no transparency, is his hip legitimately still hurt or is there some BS going on with the contract dispute? They just got their **** smacked in by the Panthers they could clearly use him out there
  15. It's PJ Walker's first game I gotta see it before I can trust him. I'd go with Fuller and Chark
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