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  1. Singletary and Washington as well. Good luck!!!
  2. 1. Sanders 2. Boone With this being a full 1 ppr league it makes this choice easier. Sanders gets a lot of targets and Boone didn't get much passing opportunities in the limited play last game.
  3. I'd stay w your current lineup. Could see your reasoning for going w Boone and Peeriman though.
  4. Kupp. CLE is a mess right now and hard to trust any of them.
  5. 1. Brown 2. Peeriman 3. Boyd. If you want to play it safe Boyd has the highest floor though. All 3 are good options.
  6. Hard to believe but I'd stick w Singletary to get decent run yards and some dump offs. Upside is reduced vs NE so I could see the argument for the other guys though. If you need a home run against a better team the other two are good options.
  7. My ranking would be: 1. Sanders 2. Boone 3. Singletary
  8. Lots of close calls, but I'd keep it as is. Mack's been struggling but he is going against the worst run D.
  9. Hunter Henry. He's been struggling but the Raiders are the 2nd worst team against TEs.
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