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  1. Singletary and Washington as well. Good luck!!!
  2. 1. Sanders 2. Boone With this being a full 1 ppr league it makes this choice easier. Sanders gets a lot of targets and Boone didn't get much passing opportunities in the limited play last game.
  3. I'd stay w your current lineup. Could see your reasoning for going w Boone and Peeriman though.
  4. Kupp. CLE is a mess right now and hard to trust any of them.
  5. 1. Brown 2. Peeriman 3. Boyd. If you want to play it safe Boyd has the highest floor though. All 3 are good options.
  6. Hard to believe but I'd stick w Singletary to get decent run yards and some dump offs. Upside is reduced vs NE so I could see the argument for the other guys though. If you need a home run against a better team the other two are good options.
  7. My ranking would be: 1. Sanders 2. Boone 3. Singletary
  8. Lots of close calls, but I'd keep it as is. Mack's been struggling but he is going against the worst run D.
  9. Hunter Henry. He's been struggling but the Raiders are the 2nd worst team against TEs.
  10. I have the same decision and am going with the Broncos.
  11. Going back and forth with who to put in my flex in a 1/2 point ppr league. Options are: - DJ Moore - McLauren - Boone - J White Welcome all opinions.
  12. Come on Colts. Play some offence so they don't rest Brees in the 4th quarter!!! I need 19 more points from Brees and Lutz.
  13. At least I am not alone in this. I make the playoffs every year. Was the first seed and best team all year the last two years ( if we go back further same thing). Lost to a team that blew up week 15 last year and this year not looking good again. Have Baltimore D and he has Ingram. Just don't have luck on my side when the playoffs start.
  14. Damn. Baltimore D disappointing so far and Ingram is hurting my team w all these chances.
  15. These situations suck. In one of the leagues I am in everyone goes on waivers once the first game starts on Sunday. Don't want to drop Philly w a great matchup next week. Hope this info about him playing tonight isn't subterfuge.
  16. Having a hard time deciding which Defense to start this week. 1. NE - playing at home, but against a good offence (Dallas). NE D is playing historically well. 2. Baltimore - playing away, but Goff is more prone to turnovers than Dak. D has been on fire last few weeks.
  17. That's a fair deal and you need help at RB.
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