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  1. i don't think anyone is expecting week in week out RB1. with what has happened to the RB pool, a safe RB2 at 12fp/gm can easily be a championship winning pickup. the running game in Detroit does not support a legit RB1, but with even 10 person leagues starting 20RB and 10flex, and bye weeks looming... i'm excited about someone i can plug in and feel good about getting me 9.5 points instead of 1.5.
  2. I'm strongly considering starting DWash over Tevin Coleman as RB2. Chicago has been getting absolutely gashed by early down backs so far, and not nearly as much through the air. I think if he gets the Lion's share of the carries (which he should) he will have a very safe floor. Hope: 13 carries, 81 yards, 1TD on his long of 22yds, 1 catch for 4yds.
  3. Quick question, if anyone can help... When can I drop someone (nfl.com) and have them NOT clear waivers before the Sunday games? (Opponent is the Stewart owner, and I want to get an actual player in place of Whittaker without having to risk him putting up another 100 against me this week.)
  4. the blurb writers are written by mental midgets. reading them can only serve to make you dumber.
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