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  1. You prefer Aiyuk, a rookie coming off an injury and no preseason, to a guy like Mike Williams who just got 9 targets and is projected to be in a great game script against a defense missing a top corner (Ward)?
  2. The OL makes me very nervous. He barely has any running room, and it affects him greatly because his best skill is running in space.
  3. That's a poor evaluation. Mitch Trubisky also got taken 2nd overall and he's hot garbage. Davis was drafted near WRs like Mike Williams and John Ross, and they aren't anything special either.
  4. I'm not tempted, but I have close to no choice. It's either him or Mike Williams. Lol
  5. Yep. I'd rather start Jonnu tbh. Don't trust Davis after all these years. I drafted him heavily about 2 years ago. He's a solid player but nothing special.
  6. Drafted this guy heavily this year. Thought he was a prime candidate to break out as a league winner, like a new Tyreek Hill. Very disappointing so far. Hopefully he comes back strong in a few weeks.
  7. I was nervous about drafting him as a QB1 in a league. Paying off so far. Almost dropped for Ben or Wentz before this game. Anybody worried about Burrow losing Uzomah? He also needs to throw deep more often or defenses can manipulate him. The OL is scary, but with certain volume it seems hard not to start him going forward.
  8. Taylor is an RB1 now. What would you even sell for?
  9. I am also looking for a 12-team ppr $50-100 buy in. Would like an extra WR or Flex.
  10. Ideally $100-150 buy in. ESPN 12-team PPR with either a 3rd WR or extra Flex. Somebody have one or want to make one?
  11. What happens if you do and it disbands? I guess money in your leaguesafe account right?
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