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  1. Longstanding H2h auction league; active and highly competitive - needs one active and experienced manager as a last minute replacement. Auction draft is this upcoming Saturday (Dec 19) at 9 PM EST. Settings are you can keep 1-4 players. Each keeper is taxed an additional $3 each year. The roster being inherited has: Steph Curry $67 Zach Lavine $19 (one of the best bargains in the league) Jaylen Brown $17 (also a bargain) Because of the annual keeper tax this league has a lot of player turnover, which makes for a lot of parity and the ability to orchestrate quick rebuilds. Message me with some brief info about your experience with fantasy bball and your email address if interested. Needing to fill this spot ASAP.
  2. Long-standing Yahoo H2H league needs a replacement manager. Auction league. Can keep 1-4 players w/ $120 keeper cap. Keepers on this team are incredibly well priced for the next 2-3 seasons (we have a keeper tax and rookie revaluations after 3 years). Roster is as follows: Joel Embiid Ben Simmons Jayson Tatum Miles Turner DeAaron Fox Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Caris LeVert Brook Lopez Zach Lavine TJ Warren Tyler Ulis Patty Mills Rodney Hood Danny Green Only looking for people are who highly active, dedicated, and competitive. This isn't a pushover league. We need someone who can swim with the sharks and plans on sticking around for the duration of the league, which is now in its 6th season. Message me if you're interested. Make sure to include your email address if you message me with interest so I can send you an invite.
  3. Longstanding, competitive league needs a manager replacement. 16 team auction keeper league. Roster is as follows: Lebron James Kyle Lowry Victor Oladipo Markelle Fultz Kyle Kuzma Nerlens Noel Allen Crabbe Tyler Johnson Enes Kanter Lance Stephenson Tyreke Evans Bismack Biyombo Can keep 1-4 players. Auction values are taxed 10% annually so lots of player turnover which makes it very easy to rebuild. Message me if you're interested. Need someone competitive and dependable. Team is in an early hole but not insurmountable.
  4. This is a long-standing Yahoo league but only in its second year as an auction league. Settings are a bit unique: 1. Keep 1-4 players 2. Keeper cap of $120 3. Draft salary cap of $200 4. 10% inflation tax on all keepers each year (tax is including in roster values below) 5. $10 keeper floor 6. Players who are kept as rookies will have their values adjusted to Yahoo suggested value after 3 seasons (to prevent a two tier value system from developing) The team you'll be inheriting owns the rights to the following players at these values: LeBron James 59 Jimmy Butler 53 Jabari Parker 30 Andrew Wiggins 30 Nerlens Noel 20 Darren Collison 14 Manu Ginobili 11 Robin Lopez 10 Joakim Noah 10 Mario Hezonja 10 Will Barton 10 Jared Sullinger 10 Terrence Jones 10 Those are pretty good values for James and Butler, especially after the tax. The tax also ensures that rosters will turn over frequently, elite players especially. Keeps things interesting but does limit the ability to build a true dynasty. Shoot me an message if you're interested.
  5. hey. i posted a message showing my interest in your 20 team league.

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