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  1. How does Chark matchup against the Bears?
  2. any chance Yahoo adds the RB eligibility to Shenault?
  3. If Shenault lines out of the backfield often enough will Yahoo add the RB tag to his eligibility?
  4. The Giants are going to run the piss out of the ball and got my favorite Tackle prospect of past 4 years in the Draft with Andrew Thomas
  5. Too many eggs in one basket for Top 8 Rd picks for me... Watson goes down you are screwed
  6. Jack Doyle looks like someone's grandpa out there in a flag football game...I'm all in
  7. thoughts on Shed Long? Mighty fine stat line today, but can we depend on consistent steals? Would make him a must add at 2B
  8. what makes Dubon a good fantasy asset other than wide open playing time?
  9. Montgomery has had a full MLB season already
  10. Put this kid on your call up shortlist this year. The centerpiece in the Machado trade Kremer was the 2018 MiLB strikeout king
  11. Any day now I'm expecting them to bring back Mark Reynolds
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